Reviews for Dear God, I'm Tired
LucyRowanVictoria chapter 1 . 10/25/2016
You've given up hope
You live on your own
The one who understood you
Has been ripped away

I don't claim to fix that
I don't claim to heal
I just wish say:
You're not at all alone!

This world is not friendly
Demons abound
And love is so scarce
In fields of hate

But it is not wholly evil
This life that we live
Not while you still breathe
And make the right choice

Only WE can fix this place
Only WE can patch the torn
And bandage wounds so deep
With care and love

This task we cannot trust
To kings or presidents
Though they say they will
If we give them what they want

It is the simple person
With broken heart and scars
Who takes upon themself
The task to heal the nations

WE are called to be
This person here and now
WE must bind the wounds
Wherever they are found

Come now, my friend
Aid me in my quest
Let's walk now hand-in-hand
To heal this wounded earth
The-Ugliest-Poet chapter 1 . 11/20/2015
Very moving poem, I'm sorry for your loss. May your Mother rest peace. Yeah, you can feel the raw emotion in the poem so I'd agree it would be best not to edit it all! Or maybe you could edit it, and post the edited version in another chapter. I done that when I wrote a poem about my Grandma's death, I wrote an original when I was 9, lost it, wrote it again different when I was 11 then edited it once again when I was 13, keeping the 'new original' because I lost the actual original. Beautiful poem, you have talent! I hope you write more not for such sad reasons. Have a nice day or night.