Reviews for Love Letter Lovelies 4: Hotspring Holiday
Talon5Karrde chapter 28 . 7/18/2019
Ah, a new future glove convert! lol
PrincessDana chapter 28 . 4/24/2017
Wow. I loved this story so much. I wasn't sure what to think of it when we started and if I may be honest, I was losing some interest in the second part, but it all came together in the end and I just couldn't stop reading. I was honestly crying when Jessica said goodbye to Shiho at the airport. I hope they have a chance to reconnect in the sequel. I also like that each of the main characters had a reunion with their respected friends, including The Fiona Five. I'm assuming this is the beginning of the next one?
As for The Love Letter Lovelies, now I really want to read the original stories. I liked all these characters and am very interested to read more.
Thank you so much for writing this story. Looking forward to more.
PrincessDana chapter 24 . 4/24/2017
I wanted to stop here for a moment and say I think I enjoyed this chapter the most. Not only was it beautifully handled with the situation with Jessica and Shiho but the glove fetish conversation was really well done. I too wear gloves a lot and have been called OCD so I can relate with Jessica's speech. Thank you so much for writing this chapter. It's nice to read fiction that reaches out to people with the same feelings.
I will give my thoughts on the rest of this story at the end. I'm wondering how it will turn out. I'm afraid...
PrincessDana chapter 20 . 4/24/2017
At first I was surprised by these chapters as the focus seemed to now be on Kaede and Makoto. I also wasn't sure if it would hold my interest because I wanted Jessica and Shiho's story to continue. But I enjoyed it. I feel like I missed so much, especially with Sora, because I didn't read the first three stories. It just seemed to come out of nowhere. I really liked the chapter where Fiona and Olivia made cameo appearances and poor Kaede just sat there and took it in. I also loved seeing Kaede jump into bed with Jessica and kiss her. It's so out of her character it made me smile. :) I'm curious what will happen next. I'm not so sure if I want an orgy to happen...
PrincessDana chapter 10 . 4/21/2017
Well I finished Part I. I like it so far although it is very different from The Fiona Five. I still haven't read the other Love Letter Lovelies stories so maybe it was written more in the style of that. You did a good job of explaining the backstory of the Love Letter Lovelies characters to someone who came right into the story and also who Jessica was, although I know her already. I think the romance between Jessica and Shiho was well done. I also liked seeing Ayla make a cameo appearance. I'm looking forward to reading Part II tomorrow.
PrincessDana chapter 1 . 4/20/2017
Okay so I'm reading this story because I finished reading The Fiona Five which I really enjoyed. I was about to read the next one, but it said I have to read this story first, which is a sequel to another group of stories! I confess I didn't read the other three Love Letter Lovelies books but the story notes suggested that I could jump right in and follow along. Fortunately you did a really good job setting up the premise for newcomers. I like the chemistry between Shiho and Jessica already. I'm actually very curious how this story came about, why Jessica of all the characters got a spin-off? Don't get me wrong, I like Jessica, she's a fun character, but I felt The Fiona Five was more Kelsey's story. I wonder if they will make an appearance as well? Anyway sorry for the long post but I really like your writing. Maybe afterwards I will read the first Love Letter Lovelies at least as SailorJane mentioned that story being an influence for her writing The Fiona Five.
deleted-mon-mar-2-23-34 chapter 15 . 9/8/2016
Pity about that job, but getting married is better. Gorgeous chapter! Makoto and Kaede are so sensual when they're alone together. Loved it.
deleted-mon-mar-2-23-34 chapter 14 . 9/5/2016
Very nice chapter! I enjoyed the subtlety of the first half. Excellent character painting when Jessica worries that Makoto might think she and Kaede could have done something bad, but Makoto answers that she trusts her girlfriend. Really strong!
A superb second half! The tension between Sora and Makoto was excellent, and I loved the dialogue, which made me feel like they were being "extra Japanese" with each other (e.g. as opposed to their behaviour with Jessica, who they are obviously extra patient and forgiving with considering she's a foreigner). What you could have done there to make it extra strong: drop a sentence or two about the setting. Mention a smell or a sound to make the reader feel teleported to Japan, or even make a subtle reference to previous Lovelies stories. Also, the one paragraph: "Makoto-San? Makoto realised the change from [...] So she's going to act like that, huh?" Cut it! It's over-explaining. Later, Sora does the same again ("We're not friends any more, Akiyama.") and you don't explain it. The effect is super powerful, a real punch!
Also, I loved how the time stopped for a second after Jessica slapped Sora. Could even hear the dramatic violin soundtrack from Ranma 1/2 in my head (Youtube code pXFJJOX2dRc).
deleted-mon-mar-2-23-34 chapter 13 . 8/24/2016
Curse you! For a second you had me believe Fiona and Olivia were going to Japan. I was so excited!
deleted-mon-mar-2-23-34 chapter 12 . 8/23/2016
Is Nori going to become a sub-plot? I hope so because having a go at those old traditions and stuff sounds very promising. And also because the previous chapter and this one have been rather slow, so it's time to advance the plot. Good chapter nonetheless.

If I might, however, there's a tiny part that feels like "As you know, Bob" when Nori tells Makoto about her boyfriend. The reader might not be too familiar with Japanese culture, but Makoto certainly is, so the name Himeji will immediately mean something to her. So when Nori explains it to Makoto in all detail, it feels like something Nori is doing just for the sake of the readers' understanding. That kind of thing tends to interrupt the flow (it certainly happened to me), so I think it's better if the narrator explains it. In this particular case, I would suggest the following quick "fix":


"Why is it a secret?"

"Well, to be honest," said Nori, lowering her gaze, "Ando wants to keep our relationship quiet for now. His family — Himejis — wouldn't approve of my class."

"Oh, Nori," Makoto gave a pout. It was so unfair that in modern Japan there were still families who felt they were above everybody else just because of their old Samurai ancestry.

"I know it sounds like I'm just a poor girl that a rich guy is taking advantage of," said Nori. "But Ando isn't like that." [This sentence, which I love because it's such a powerful subtext, was OK, but a bit too long.]

deleted-mon-mar-2-23-34 chapter 11 . 8/23/2016
A rather slow chapter, hopefully just the calm before the next storm. However, a highly enjoyable chapter. I think you're a master of painting moods with few words. Those tiny bits between Makoto and Kaede, how they lie next to each other, idly touching each other's bodies while talking, Kaede getting up early to get her things done without forgetting that Makoto is there, Kaede going back afterwards and welcoming Makoto to the new day. It's pure complicity, pure love, pure intimacy — I loved it!
deleted-mon-mar-2-23-34 chapter 10 . 8/18/2016
Lovely chapter. The scene where Jessica and Shiho get together and take each other's clothes off was playful and sweet in a very special way that touched me deeply. And I loved how Shiho learnt the real meaning of Jessica's gloves.
But, as usual (I know I'm a pain in the arse with my overzealous critique), there's one small issue that I want to point out. I think it's fine that you chose to exclude the description of the actual love making entirely, but there really should be a visual break (like a horizontal rule) after «"Come here!" Jessica pulled Shiho down. "I'm tired of waiting."» in order to let the reader know that there's going to be a continuity break. What happened to me was that the next thing I read was that a buzzing sound startled Shiho, and I though that was happening immediately after Jessica's request, and I thought, "Shit, they're not having sex after all. What's interrupting them now?" I eventually realised that there had been a temporal jump, but the magic of the sex moment was disturbed.
In this particular case, a short paragraph actually describing at least the beginning of it would have made it all more magical. Something like this, for example: «Jessica tightened her arms around Shiho and rolled with her until Shiho lied beneath her. She massaged Shiho's lips with a soft and delicate kiss while her gloved hands started to explore Shiho's body with long, slow and thrilling caresses. For a minute or two, Shiho doubted whether what was about to happen was the right thing for them, but when she realised how pleasurable it was to have a pair of leather-gloved hands comfort her body, she yielded to Jessica, knowing in her heart that this might become the best night of her life. They made love for hours until they were eventually beaten by the exhaustion of physical love and fell asleep with a smile in their lips.»
deleted-mon-mar-2-23-34 chapter 8 . 2/4/2016
Word of advice: choosing character names that are too similar can lead to confusion. For example, I constantly mix up Kaori and Kaede. I even go further in my writings. I try to give each character a name that starts with a different letter, and I try to make sure that all names sound different enough, e.g. that they don't rhyme.
deleted-mon-mar-2-23-34 chapter 7 . 1/23/2016
I was surprised that stuck-up Shiho didn't comment on Jessica's smoking. I wonder whether that's going to come up again. I think, in these times in which smoking is condemned so much in America (cigarettes, that is, because people seem to be totally fine with weed; I hate double standards!), having a "good" character smoke is a courageous thing to do. And I think that good writers need to be courageous creating worlds that may not appeal to everyone, but which allow them to convey their message.

Loved the kiss(es) between Jessica and Shiho. Came naturally and rather sweet.

BTW, speaking "strange" languages is a curse sometimes. Shiho sounds nearly like Polish "cicho", which means something like "be quiet" or "shut up". So every time I read the name Shiho, I'm distracted by the "collateral" meaning it arouses in my brain. Not your fault at all. But I wanted share that with you. When using foreign names, sometimes it's very hard to take something that will not produce such effects on some reader. A few years ago, I was "sort of" falling for a Russian work mate of mine called Karina. I wanted to give her a nickname, as is customary in Slavic countries, but there is, as far as I know, no "official" Russian nickname for women called Karina. (Whereas there is an "official" nickname for lots of other names; e.g. "Alexander"/"Alexandra" turn into "Sasha", Tatiana turns into "Tania", "Katarina" turns into "Katia", etc.). So I came up with "Kasha", with a soft "sh", which is used in Poland (written as Kasia) for Katarzyna. But when I called Karina "Kasha", hoping she would reward me for giving her an endearing nickname, she burst out laughing and said to never call her that again. Turns out that "Kasha" means "porridge" in Russian. Big fail.
deleted-mon-mar-2-23-34 chapter 6 . 1/20/2016
That reminds me of those distant years when I used to believe that I could make my wife love gloves as much as I do by forcing her to wear gloves all the time. During the first year of our marriage, we used to sleep naked except for a pair of satin opera gloves each. Every night I would say something like "Sleeping completely naked is nice, isn't it?" To which she responded: "Yes, it would be, but we are not naked. We're wearing gl..." I would put my gloved finger to her lips and shush her. "We are NAKED, love. Gloves don't count as clothing," I would explain. "They are our skin." Pity, later I had to accept the truth. You can't force people to like anything.

But let's go back to this wonderful chapter: I loved it. The imagery was beautiful, at least for glove fetishists. I had my gloved hand between my legs all the time while reading this. It was nice.
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