Reviews for Undercover(s)
DianyRdz chapter 1 . 11/25/2015
Thank you for blowing email up (in the best of ways, always love reading your stories)!
This story had so many turns and twist that I was like ‘wait, what?” on a few occasions. Like whoa! Ok so he was lashing out and he needed to be taught a life lesson while at the same time growing up and maturing into a ‘proper’ man. Understandable, quite the little lesson though. His uncle saw that he really was not a bad kid he was just coping with things differently and some ways are not always helpful. Like Matt’s case, his coping kept pushing him away from finding peace and coming to terms with things. The prospect that his uncle brought to him was a way to start anew and try to right himself. Its funny how Ms. Simmons has said he was the type she warned his daughters about yet she still needed/used him. No judging really, sometimes things that we need come to us in the most weird or far-fetched ways. Him coming closer and interacting more with Holly is sweet. Both loners, both by choice but for different reasons (referring to Matt and his reasons not his alter ego Steve who stayed away because of the operation) yet they come together repeatedly. Foolish yet smart in the way he fought the cops to throw off any suspicion from his name, shows there is more to him than a lot of people give him credit for. Holly trusting him then having things go down the way they did kind of sucks (well no, really sucks) for both of them. He as able to change things around for him, realize that while others judged him for his reckless ways, he judged quickly too (his stepmother for instance) and he was able to see clearly after that. Was very surprised with the ending, having Holly and Ms. Simmons show up to his house honestly thought he would go his own way and not go back until much later on. Liked this story a lot as always!(:
zagato chapter 13 . 11/25/2015
Cool story. So many twists. Thanks for writing.