Reviews for Step-Teacher
DianyRdz chapter 10 . 12/1/2015
Ok, excuse my language Dill but what the f_!? Like oh my god! This took on a full circle and ended up what would have been endless cycle of misery for him had it not been for Sarah. My immediate response was like outrage at how Ginny was towards Brad. Like it’s one thing to be driven and focused in school but she took it to a whole new level. It was literally boot camp and I may be wrong (I may be right) but I think even in boot camp the men and women get abit more respect and just god no! I understand that she may not have had an “adversity” to deal with like Bradly did but there is no reason or excuse to act so rudely and disrespectful towards someone who has. Some people are fit to lead, natural born leaders because they know the difference between leading/guiding someone and dictating/ordering someone. Ginny obviously was way in over her head with this deal and I mean I’m not a total head in the clouds type person, I do know things like abuse do happen but sex is supposed to be spontaneous, live in the moment type thing. It is not something that can be dictated, and she did say “make sure your partner is ready and willing” umm… he wasn’t. I mean we read of things like this happening to girls more that we often don’t believe it could happen to a boy. Who would believe them though? Really, who would trust that a girl was more twisted than a guy ever is like in Bradly and Ginny’s situation? I actually felt the sadness between Bradley and Sarah and how robbed he felt afterwards, like that is something that can never be given back nor can the experiences be taken away. Never did I suspect incest would play a role in this story. Crazy how things are done and then they come back to bite us when we least expect it. Honestly I’m thankful that Bradly had someone like Sarah who may have seemed abit harsh with the ultimatum she gave him however it was probably the best thing she could have ever done for him. She became his motivation and getting her back along the way with finding a way to cope and find himself along the way is a huge accomplishment for any abuse victim. For what the parents did I hold back comments because it’s just like “stop, no! What are you doing!” Just no-no’s for them! Definitely see the angst and the hurt and the comfort with this story and its really well thought out and written as usually never disappoints!(: