Reviews for Facing Rejection
Guest chapter 36 . 9/21/2022
The updates were a great excuse to reread coz oh, man, I think I started reading this in 2017? Excellent, captivating drama. I guess these boys didn't change much in 4 years.
Tannlein chapter 38 . 8/9/2022
Awesome! Enjoying your development of these relationships.
Encore19 chapter 27 . 6/30/2022
Well how's this gonna go. Alexander planning to hide and get to stay there all night? It seems like definite progression though, and a "no" for startlingly handsome, smart and spooky Dominic.
Encore19 chapter 26 . 6/30/2022
Lol. Dominic is still not a hypocrite though, he never admonished Leyla or did anything as far as I can tell. So in the end, not just Alexander. (And younger bin kid). But Declan and Dominic are also bi. I wonder if Dominic always had feelings for Declan but got with a girl because he felt he had to.
Encore19 chapter 25 . 6/30/2022
Oh another gay student. Maybe this story could end on a positive romantic note for Alexander regardless of what happens with Declan. When I was at school there was one other guy out of the closet too and he was had this terrible, cruel sense of humour.
Encore19 chapter 24 . 6/30/2022
Declan is confirming to me, that he is in fact, bi. The having a wet dream over his best friend. Also, it seems like Dominic's blood running cold could be because he has feelings for Declan. This seems to be the most rational assumption one can make given the evidence. My prediction was much darker, and as I check other reviewers without going ahead, nobody else seemed to be thinking my way at all. I would've commended you for showing such a realistic thing as, sadists who may be 1 on the Kinsey scale, who enjoy leading on and crushing gay people because they literally cannot have their own emotions involved cause they're almost entirely into the opposite sex. I don't remember if this story is based in a city. But even in suburbs it can be very hard to find just a normal guy around your age to date when gay, and even then there's usually toxicity and all other problems. So a straight guy who very much resembles a love interest on TV would be something impossibly alluring to largely-starved gay teenagers. I'll read on to see for sure, but it seems my theory is now dead in the water.
Encore19 chapter 23 . 6/30/2022
Declan blushed red. The first reaction from him which indicates shyness, as opposed to someone confident and very in control of the situation. It's reassuring. I'm really enjoying this ~
Encore19 chapter 22 . 6/30/2022
Tension. And drama. Now Alexander explained his looks to us as being unimpressive and fairly plain. But in Dominic's eyes, we're seeing words like "enticing" and a whole lot of description which seems to imply that HE might have a thing for Alexander. "Annoyingly enticing" is definitely something that deserves a pin in it. Maybe there's just a slight bit of bicuriosity there, what with the drunken kiss he had with Declan. But with Dominic turning away and his blood running cold, that's such a cool way to add intrigue. What's scared him? That his friend may be gay? Or that his friend may be manipulating Alexander? I'm glad and not at all surprised that Dominic can see all these emotions coming from Alexander, it should absolutely be plain to everyone around.
Encore19 chapter 21 . 6/30/2022
I'm back. I reread my reviews and I remember well enough. My exams and stuffs are done so I'm here to read the rest. I enjoy the romantic tension between Declan and Alexander. Man is it obvious though. Aside from the drama of Dominic, his girlfriend and Leyla (and I still think he's being unfairly vilified), everyone would be paying attention to that hand clinging to his shoulder. At least, as a gay man, I would think so. I had two girl friends in high school too who had their own guys while I was single so I'm also kinda putting myself in Alexander's shoes throughout all this.
knockmeoffmyfeet chapter 1 . 6/26/2022
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angeliflora chapter 34 . 6/15/2022
Good friends are worth everything! I glad Declan has them. Sometimes they are the only ones who can take care of you, when you can't yourself. It's as Leyla says "the type of person who encourages me to come into my own."
And in the end we beautifully see how that turned out - Declan yelling out. Even it needed him to be drunk, that was so necessary.
It's like getting an infection out of a wound, so it can finally start healing, even if it will leave a scar behind.
angeliflora chapter 33 . 6/13/2022
I'm curious how Alexander and Declan will work out their pent up frustration and attraction.
But at this point I wouldn't mind if Alexander got over Declan, over the pain of the past and managed to get happy with someone else. Yonton seems interested to fill the void in Alexander's heart ;)

Declan is living with Dominic? After what happened? And "just living together? How did that happen?
Fenri Verdi chapter 33 . 6/12/2022
He's living with him?! Aw hell no. I'm not down for that drama again, sorry.
angeliflora chapter 30 . 6/7/2022
Wow, I need to take a break before continuing with the next chapter.
After the hospital scene I was kind of expecting something like this to happen, but it still hurts so much. On one hand I want to cry with/for Alexander (and Declan), on the other hand I can't because the hurt is too deep to even shed a tear.
Fenri Verdi chapter 32 . 6/7/2022
Honestly I don't know if I can keep reading, it's really painful. It feels like the dream is ruined and they'll never get that spark back. Depressing...
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