Reviews for Just Like A Sam Elliott Christmas Movie
DianyRdz chapter 6 . 12/15/2015
It’s Sam Elliot, of course his movies are like ohmygosh lol. Great job with this story Dill, definitely keeping in tune with the Christmas spirit and just cheerfulness. I think one of his major breaking points, besides Katha’s contagious involvement with Christmas was when he was at the Nursing home and he saw how elderly people who were amputees also, were not brought down by their situation. They were much older and with more restrictions than he had yet they were happy. They had that Christmas spark that people normally have on Christmas and were not resentful. They had made peace and if they still struggled they still didn’t let it affect their spirit. Katha’s persistence on the whole it’s Christmas thing is annoying to him yet he can’t help but fall in synch with it eventually. I see how different his life is from how he expected it to be but come on, you’re 40. That is like beyond young for an adult, most men now are barely entering fatherhood at that age so I mean realistically there is hope for him yet he just had to change his mindset and actually want it. The mistletoe kiss was cheeky of Katha, I was certainly not expecting it (Isaiah was not either) but it happened for the best. When she showed up during the night and saw his legs, definitely heard Tom Hank’s voice in my head calling out to Lt. Dan and gah, I need to see that movie it has been forever since I’ve watched it. Not going to lie, kind of sad that everyone was surprised and even his father thought he might have been drunk when he was all “Christmasy” and into the spirit. That definitely shows that he was in dire need to loosening up and just be happy. The ending was actually sweet, how Katha took care of his stumps was a sweet gesture on her part, not because she had to but she wanted to show him that it’s ok, she was there for him. Yay for a cute little holiday story, cannot believe its next week for us IRL.