Reviews for Auna's Christmas Gift
DianyRdz chapter 5 . 12/23/2015
Not the ending I was thinking but still very good one Dill. I like how this one, (Auna) and the past stories, Katha and Esma, for this month have all had that little spark in common. They have that little cheer and happiness to them which help and comfort their counterparts. Unlike the other two, Auna and Chris don’t actually stay together (#sadface at that however it’s the great opening of a sequel story... maybe? Lol just kidding). Anyway, they both needed to come to terms with Cheryl being gone. It seems like Chris is accepted it but he is. He knows he should move on and yet he can’t. Their gift to one another was more than just each other. It was the little push they both needed to come out of that state of trance they were in because while they were both still stuck in limbo in the grieving process their gift helped. It seems like Chris was able to see thing clearer than Auna was because even though she chose to leave and start anew, she was still holding onto him and the fact she still looked to him hoping that maybe he would come with her… aww, she will be fine though. They will both find the inner peace they both seek; they both broke free of the trance they were in and even though they did not end up together, its ok!(:
Loved the story message and the story itself! Merry Christmas Dill :)