Reviews for Ameranth Court : Vampire Palace
LDF chapter 1 . 1/3/2016
[Their mother had set them down with some toys and told them to stay put, they of course as children tend to do did not listen and began to wonder coming upon the bank of the lake where they played at the waters edge tossing stones.]

I'm honestly surprised that the two kids didn't immediately get lost in the woods, since there's no indication they were even following the road that their parents were driving on. People can get lost very easily in the woods.

["We shouldn't be here," the daughter no older than seven said.]

Make sure to add commas when you have added information. For instance: the daughter, no older than seven, said. 'no older than seven' is added information. You don't really need that part to understand the sentence.

The interactions between brother and sister reach 1950s levels of gender binary, with the boy being tough and protective of his meek, scared sister.