Reviews for Thumped
DianyRdz chapter 6 . 1/13/2016
One little prompt and you managed to make a whole story out of it, with all characters not seeming flat or anything. Very nice, now Taylor… Hmm, he seems to have a case of not being able to say no to toxic people. I mean his wife is more like a roommate than a wife, and yet he can’t say no to her and stands the way he is treated. Then his mother and how she treats him and he just takes it, #sadface. This all being said, good for him for not being too afraid of living in the moment, living in the now with Betsy. Now Betsy, like whoa pretty cool of her and Steve to actually just drop and sell everything and do the cross country trip, or at least attempt it. Pretty ballsy of her to just jump into the first car like that to get away from Steve and not going to lie, Steve sounds like abit of a nutcase, no offense to him or anyone else of course but he does. Just like Betsy had that time period where she was living in the now and free and was just herself, I think the weekend up there was a small taste for him. A small taste of what actual peace and happiness within oneself actually is and what/how its suppose be and feel like. I think after this weekend, although it would take some convincing (on his own self, nobody can decide for him) and not backing down, he will take Betsy up on her offer to staying with her. Loved this little story, great to read as always, and served as abit of inspiration there so yay for that!(: