Reviews for Penny's Plush Pooch
Savannah Singleton chapter 4 . 1/26/2016
Nice "things happen for a reason" ending. Good read.
Savannah Singleton chapter 3 . 1/22/2016
Glad she acknowledged/admitted that she was wrong in expecting him to come after her. Too bad she hadn't shared the difficulties of her home life with him at the time, but understandable that she would be ashamed and not want others to know.

FYI - The long paragraph toward the end of the chapter starting out "It was a clear crisp sunny summer's day..." has duplicate sentences.
Savannah Singleton chapter 1 . 1/20/2016
Nice job of painting the dreary picture of Hank's life since Kiona's departure. Had me depressed.

"You were supposed to come after me..."

I would be dumbfounded and speechless as well.

Interesting start.
DianyRdz chapter 4 . 1/19/2016
So he waited 6 years for her return… Most guys barely wait a day so its actually commendable in a way how long he waited for Kiona, I can definitely see why his friends would have the apprehension of him doing so. He actually did good for himself in 6 years, sure it was a family business but he is now the operator, owner and owner of a house, not bad for whatever his age is. SO she just comes out of the blue and surprises him with “why didn’t you come after me?” Like no Kiona, not nice. I can definitely see why she left and problems at home can be overwhelming but instead of helping or finding a solution she runs and makes more for herself above anyone else. And while I can most certainly see why she took off like she did, so I’m a girl but even I know like dude, I left! With another guy nonetheless... How can I possibly want my old guy, who wasn’t even mine to begin with because I never said anything to voice those feelings, how can I possibly expect him to come after me and come for me? I found this bit to be sort of comical in a way. What I found less than surprising is how both were able to fall back into routine, back as if she had never really left and things were back to normal. It’s as if him waiting for her and her expecting him to come for her were the only thing in their way, and it was but I mean usually people don’t just fall back into routine. People change and how they act and feel change a lot from how they were. Its as if, even though they were waiting on one another, they knew that they had grown up yet not changed at all. They were still the same Kiona and the same Hank from six years back.
His delirious form gave way for Kiona to realize that Hank really did love her. Whatever apprehension she might have felt seems to have diminished after knowing what Hank’s feelings really were. Stepping in as his nurse and taking care of not only him but the affairs at work as well seemed normal and almost second nature to her to do.
Happy things turned out the way they did for these two. Good little story with to go with the prompt Dill(: