Reviews for Adaptable Hardware
JaveHarron chapter 1 . 3/7/2017
You've got a well written drone based military sci-fi, largely focused on airborne engagements. Still curious to the degree of autonomy these machines would have, but an interesting idea is whether its decisions about the city would be correlated with its chances of survival (although you implied they may not be). This feels like the opening to a longer story, and reminded me of a Peter Watts story with a similar premise.
Dreamarcher chapter 1 . 2/3/2016
Funny how one finds an interesting story in here by going through the labyrinth of connections. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed this piece. I haven't read a sci-fi novel since I was a kid and that was many years before you were born. I normally watch sci-fi movies and series now as I'm a visual person. This piece I liked because of your descriptive prose allowed me to have the visual in my mind instead of in front of my eyes. I like when an author can really do that without being too wordy. I found the technical descriptions good without leaving me confused with lingo I didn't understand. I also am intrigued with a drone with a proactive thinking process leading to problem solving and maybe even to AI. I hear that computers are so damn close!