Reviews for Cassandra Never Accidentally Ever After
Solemn Coyote chapter 1 . 2/20/2016
This is a joy to read. Great premise. Good evocative imagery. Ficpress does seem to have eaten some of the dividers between scenes, though. It feels like there should be a break between the moving van arriving and dinner happening. I usually number mine, because ficpress won't recognize a single dash but will recognize something that looks like this -0- or this -1-

There should be another scene break after "she doesn't come out much".

I totally love your characterization, by the way. I have no idea how you do this, but the reader gets a ridiculously clear image of who these people are from just a few paragraphs. And it's all inferred. Nothing overt. I am super jealous.

I don't usually have a ton of time to spend reading on ficpress, but I'm digging the characters, I'm digging the setup, and I definitely want to read more.
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