Reviews for Red-Eye to Babylon
Victoria Best chapter 1 . 2/17/2016

Really loved this. You've got such a unique way with words. Particularly liked the last line, very powerful, and the line about the Charybdis nebula being like a bruise. Beautiful. It's just the little descriptive sentences I love, that really enhance the story, like the line, "I feel light and half-real."

I also felt the world-building was strong. I can see the effort you have put into this, developing every aspect so that it fits in with the world, like the character looking through a "viewscreen" rather than a window. I really applaud you for that; I find world-building very difficult and time consuming, and tend to slip accidentally towards things that have been done before.

My only suggestion is that perhaps the character could be drinking a made-up drink, rather than a gin and tonic? Just so that everything in the world is completely your own and we are never brought back to 'reality.'

Thanks for this gem of a read! And good luck!