Reviews for The Pride of Hillsboro
DianyRdz chapter 15 . 2/16/2016
Ok, this story so reminded me of the Perfect Game. Gah, will definitely have to watch it tonight (or soon at least). Those kids are live or die by baseball and they are discriminated by their color and their race, not to mention their height). I remember my grandmother telling me about those kids (it’s from her times back in the day when she was much younger and lived in Monterrey) and it was just like surreal in a way to be reading about this (baseball and the discrimination and the drive to play the game, the perfect game) in another version. The movie just talks about one season of the boys life, not their whole life like your story does but it’s still very similar. If you haven’t watched it Dill and you enjoy baseball, you should watch it. The kids are beyond cute and it’s such a cute story based on real life events that happened. Anyway, back to the story, yay for long stories btw! Loved this and honestly it was like highs and downs and just everything with Dan and Sarah and their story is just like wow. If Dan had been alive, I think he would have been on the side of the kids in the movie I mentioned above. All they wanted was to play ball just like Dan. Not going to lie, I was kind of siding with him when he left Sarah that night and I was like OMG you’re joking as I was reading about their daughter and when he found out about it. I think this story just goes to go on and show how sometimes what we want in life is not really what we need yet we don’t always see it that way and because of that, we miss out on a lot of things and on a lot of people the way things would’ve been. Of course we never know exactly what the right thing to do is or what the future holds but like for instance these two, Dan and Sarah. She loved him yet because of her love of acting, she chose her wants over her needs and hat ended up causing her to be without Dan for oodles and oodles of time that they could have enjoyed. He also goes to talk about not being silent, finding one way or another to go after what you want. To fight for it, whether it’s by quietly and slowly working towards change or upfront take a stand against it and make a difference. I like how this was like a prequel type thing for most of your other stories that are based in this town. It all started with these people, with these beliefs and they do carry on in the future town generations. Seems like a lovely little town to have been in(: