Reviews for The Man On The Other Side Of The Door
XXHotSparklesXX chapter 6 . 3/2/2016
God this was beautiful. Thank you for such a lovely read!
DianyRdz chapter 6 . 2/26/2016
Ok, I’m with Tom on this. I don’t like that rule either lol. I mean I know it’s for the best however I do not like it. I think it’s something beyond beautiful when someone finds themselves as Claire did. It is unfortunate that it took her as long as it did for her to actually do something about things and wants to make that change, it is fortunate that the journey to doing so was as beautiful and enlightening as it was. And no, I am not justifying the “affair” however there is a quote that says “sometimes telling the truth isn’t always good, if telling the truth can hurt someone, then maybe there is some good in not saying the truth. Bad things can come from telling the truth and good things can come from omitting the truth”. Yes, it is abit hypocritical and it clashes with another “rather an ugly truth than a beautiful lie” saying but like with everything, there is a happy medium and a balance that can be kept. This all ties in to the thought that while I don’t think an affair is the way to go in most situations, in this case and between these two people, it was a viable way for Claire to find herself and to experience and to just live in the moment. To open her mind and see that there really is so much more to just being a stay at home mother/wife. Great story as always!(: