Reviews for Love Not the World
Brievel chapter 1 . 6/4/2016
Again - good solid nugget of Spiritual gold.
philosophik1 chapter 1 . 3/22/2016
Those are some strong views. And if you truly believe all that, then good for you, everybody needs a real, deep, meaningful purpose for existing.

But to say there is only one ultimate truth, is the same as saying there is only one way from to NY to L.A. No, there are many ways to arrive at a destination, just as there are many ways to arrive at truth (and one path is no better than the other, they just offer different experiences). Some people dont want to go to NY(christian heaven), they might want to go to Tokyo(Nirvanna), either way, each person determines their reality.

So what if someone wants to be a budhist. If he arrives at his destination, is that not an ultimate truth for him? Just like the christian who gets into heaven and realizes his destination. His ultimate truth. It's tough to say who is right, if they both achieved what they wanted. Think about it, both can be true at the same time for each person, but not for the other-ultimately each person desires different knowledge, and that's fine, that's how it is. Why not just smile and wave as they pass by and forget about them. Why hate what they believe?

Tolerance allows each individual the freedom to explore his own way, to whatever they may deem worth pursuing. You chose the christian god, and that's wonderful, but don't hate what others believe, just because you don't agree with it. Just agree to disagree, and maybe once in awhile, have an open mind. Reality is crazier than fiction and we know so little about it. Its hard to say there is one ultimate truth. Even less so, to say somebody on this primitive planet, where the occupants have'nt even left the solar system yet, knows what that ultimate truth is. I mean come on, we need to pump our brakes and be humble and allow each person to pursue truth as they see fit. Every one has that right. Wouldn't you agree?

If all deeply religious groups would do that right now, just let others believe what they want and tolerate, then terrorism would stop. Wars would end. Sensless death would be avoided. It's the mindset, that my religion is right, and everyone else is wrong, that historically has caused needless bloodshed. All religions are guilty-even christians. Just live and let live brotha, we are in this together, might as well let each enjoy the ride, Right? Cheers friend.

p.s. If you do sermons, feel free to read my message verbatim if you like. You can tell them how the devil has confused me and I have lost my way, or you can just give them a different perspective. Different perspective is nice, it opens up possibilities.
xosine chapter 1 . 3/22/2016
that a wonderful writeup keep it up