Reviews for True Wisdom
Guest chapter 1 . 4/7/2016
What were we as humans created for? To worship? To carry out the will of God, perhaps?
I would like so much to believe in God, I want to know that I am not just merely a mortal soul. But then again, do I wish to have been created by a God only to worship, to praise the being who condemned me to this life? I agree that it is quite selfish to search only for your own gratification, but is it right to completely surrender yourself to a so-called higher power? I may be a simple mortal, but that does not mean I shall bow down before Christ without good reason. I have no respect for the Lord, He who condemns all who do not worship at the very ground He created. I would rather suffer all of the fiery torment Hell could ever offer than exist peacefully in heaven, while knowing that there are mortals such as I that are rotting away as I continue with my existance in bliss. I cannot do that, I cannot be saved unless all can be saved. I would even sacrifice myself to save the rest of humanity from enternal damnation. This is why I cannot worship the Lord, for how can he be Good if he creates a race to worship him, casting them aside when they do not?