Reviews for Damn, The People Who Want To Cure Us!
sunnybutt chapter 1 . 3/28/2016
There's a distinction I'd like to draw for you between:
1) "You can do better"
2) "You aren't worth a burp."
I've met a lot of people who thought I wasn't doing right. And you know, most of them have been correct. Let me give you a fr'instance. I was pontificating - regurgitating what I'd heard on talk radio that day - when I happened to get a detail about feminine hygiene incorrect. My mother and sister rose from their chairs, lit from below by fires from the Abyss. My dad slithered under the lay-z-boy, leaving me to my dismal fate. My sister explained my mistake, and then went on to explain a handful of others, too, ranging from how I dressed to my overuse of the word "wobble."
And now I am a more sensitive person, as a man who has been mauled by a tiger becomes a more indoorsy person. All this is to say that you'll meet a lot of people who think you can do better. (I bet your parents fall squarely into that category, huh?) Try to be dispassionate about it. We won't grow if we aren't taught.

(Now, of course, there are buttholes out there, and maybe you've run into a few. I've found that the best thing to do is mock them. They don't know what to do about it, the splutter and stammer. If you need any tips, let me know.)