Reviews for Filth in Beauty
SmutPuppy chapter 4 . 5/29/2016
Aw, damnit. No buttsecks, yet. *sigh* I guess Rui would have to take care of Kakeru’s wound before anything can happen. Or… or…, we can just go the annoying, cliche, yaoi route of “I can’t hold back any longer” and forget the plot, build-up, character development, and get right to buttsecks!


No? Bad idea? Okay, then…

I am intrigued that Rui is fighting demons as a freelance bounty hunter, and it’s not his inherited responsibility to be the “good guy”. Why put so much effort in making Kakeru understand what’s going on? Why give him the choice to remember things that he should know about? Does Rui secretly want Kakeru to understand that other part of him? Is Rui interested in getting to know Kakeru, as well? I need to know!
hazelnutbrew chapter 5 . 5/23/2016
I just love how we get into Kakeru's head here. He still is adjusting to everything that just happened, and his confusion about waking up in a different room was an amusing thing. Though good thing that he got a good night's sleep, because he really needed it, the poor guy. So much that he has been through, yet he took it all in stride. I think that Kakeru's reaction to it all is realistic, even though most people probably wouldn't have taken it as calmly as he did, but still, I think it's a hallmark of his character that he adjusts to the supernatural world and easily accepts what Rui is telling him. That shows trust on Kakeru's part as well, and Kakeru and Rui are such a good match together. I love how Rui is flustering poor Kakeru and Kakeru gets so red after the fact about it. Did I mention that Kakeru is very moe? Because he is. A big sweet cutie 3 Precious babbu that needs to be protected at all costs, but Kakeru would probably fight me on that one : P But still, he really is precious, and I adore him! Also, Rui was very sweet to Kakeru and it's nice that Kakeru didn't have to worry about work.

It's interesting to see Rui's life in the past through the photographs. I'm curious to know who these people are and to learn more about them. Though oh man, an ex-boyfriend eh? I already know who it is, but I won't mention it till the next review. Still, it adds a complication to the dynamic-with Rui having a former boyfriend and then his chemistry with Kakeru and Kakeru's growing attraction towards Rui. Just oh boy. I wonder what the fans will think about that one? I personally think that Kakeru and Rui are a better match, and they both became better people for it, though the ex boyfriend really isn't that bad of a guy...but still. Oh boy.

Really liked this chapter. I think that you have good hooks and cliffhangers to compel the reader to keep on reading more. You've made it into a fine art of sorts, and I wanna keep on reading this story and find out more and immerse myself in the magical world that you've created. It's great! I absolutely adore it!
hazelnutbrew chapter 4 . 5/23/2016
This was an interesting chapter, and we get a further look into the supernatural aspects of the story. It's really exciting to see how open Rui is with Kakeru, as though he completely trusts him and feels compelled to share these things with him. There's a reason behind that, but I won't reveal why ;o Though I'm sure that readers will draw their own conclusions on why this is so. But I think a big part of it is that Rui trusts Kakeru and maybe has a sense of attraction for him at that moment. Teehee. Also, the Underworld Wolves are dangerous things-really dangerous, but Rui managed to fend them off quite well and showed his awesome powers and his braveness. Though Rui may act like a little shit sometimes, he's still a loveable guy that has a good heart and you can see that when he interacts with Kakeru. I just love how gentle Rui is with Kakeru here, and their character interactions are simply some of the best stuff that I've ever seen.

The concept of the three worlds and the races that have apportioned parts of the realms for themselves as gods in the higher tier realm is so awesome. I also love how the losers of the war were placed in a third realm, where they're known as demons and whatnot. I think it was mentioned in Dark Side stories that history is written by the victors, and you have to wonder just what kind of stuff the 'gods' and first realm worlders are spinning to the rest of the realms. It's interesting to speculate about the world that you've created, and you've definitely created a world where one can imagine anything is possible and that anybody in any part of the world could take place in the magic that happens in your story. I love it 3

We finally understand where Rui got those bruises from and why he was putting on makeup. Just damn, it's a brutal job, but someone's gotta do it and Rui is my hero 3 Just saying. Big brother Rui 3 Poor Kakeru has a lot to think through, though awh, at least he had Rui there to help support him. It would've been hell if he had to suffer through all that alone, though I imagine that the Spirit Realm or something would've intervened or something-that is, if Kakeru survived the encounter with the Underworld Wolves. Though like I said, Big Brother Rui was there to save the day, and I'm glad for that. I also love their development in their relationship, they get along so well and have good chemistry together. You do a good job portraying their emotions and the little details that make them so human and real. You're doing a great job, Rin-chan, and I love this story. It definitely worthy of being in my favorites 3
SmutPuppy chapter 3 . 5/11/2016
Kakeru should have stayed in the car and played tic-tac-toe on the foggy windshield, because I know the defogger on that crap car ain't working. lol

Cool. Rui-san is a fire mage. *resists the urge of fire puns*

I do wonder why chapters 2 and three are not combined. Is there a technique that you use when you end a chapter, or do you just go "bugger it"?

Rui's apartment!? Yes! Buttsecks time! Just ignore the searing pain from the bite, the bad smell from the infection that is sure to follow, and the fact that Kakeru's will probably be unconscious and feverish by that time. lol
hazelnutbrew chapter 3 . 4/25/2016
Awwwh, this was an incredible bonding moment between the two. Smol and sassy Rui came to the rescue for Kakeru's sake. They're just so cute together, I ship them so much! Though we can feel Kakeru's confusion and fear when he encounters the creatures. Once again, you've managed to make a compelling hook and lead the reader to ask even more questions about what's going on. So yes, now is the plunge into the supernatural part of the story, I think that the build up and then the supernatural punch is a good way to go about it. I like it Though awh, Big Brother Rui has a big heart though he tries to hide it underneath his sass. I loves him. I think that you've definitely got something good going on here, and I can't wait to see you post more of this story! and I certainly can't wait for that certain someone to appear -winkwink- Oh man, I'm just enamored with your characters and how they interact with one another. The dialogue is great, and you have a diction that is compelling and makes the character's voices distinctive from one another. You have a knack for characters, character interaction, and dialogue, that's for sure! You're a really great storyteller, and I love everything that you've presented thus far, and I hope that other people will enjoy this series as much as I do! Though hmhmhm, until next time, I will be eagerly awaiting the next installment!
hazelnutbrew chapter 2 . 4/25/2016
Oh, there's tension here. Kakeru is very observant, and we worry for Rui because he's hiding bruises underneath the make up that he wore. It also makes the reader wonder about how he got them in the first place, and one line of thinking would be an abusive lover or something like that, like what Kakeru originally thought. We shall soon discover the reason though behind it, but it really does pique the reader's interest and we see this story take on a dark tone. Not that there's anything wrong with that, because your stories have dark themes in them and you certainly love torturing your characters endlessly, but then, that's the role of a writer, to be a sadist to their characters. LOL. Rui is still my favorite, but I think that he and Kakeru are a good match together, and people will soon see why. And then there's another...hehehe. But I'll wait to comment on that until it actually comes up. Hehehe. Though for sure, this is another solid chapter, though it may be short and sweet, it reads quickly and has compelling hooks and leave questions in the reader's mind about what's going to happen next!
hazelnutbrew chapter 1 . 4/25/2016
I liked this opening. Kakeru may not be a stellar fiction writer, though I'm sure he's got the traits for being a good journalist, at least. Still, I like how you foretold traits about Kakeru through his writing, and at the very end, his greatest fear is someone discovering that he's gay. I'm sure that this is something that queer kids can relate to, and Kakeru is a good example of a character with kindness and gentleness to him, fears and foibles, and other traits that serve to make him a three dimensional character. I love Kakeru, adore him to bits-and i think that you give him a strong opening here as we get to know him better. Rui is also my favorite, but you probably already knew that already. His flat ass and pure concentrated sass in a tiny compact form makes him a formidable force, but people will eventually see his greatness. I do like Rui and Kakeru's interactions with one another, and I like how Kakeru stands up for Rui to Kawamura. I can sense the chemistry between them raito thar, but then you know, I'm the crazy kind of shipper that ships anything from the smallest gesture. LOL -BRICK'D- Anyway, a well written introduction, short and sweet, gets us to know the characters. I think you've got a good opening here, and I truly hope to see this published one day, because I think it has a lot of potential and it's a great read! Please do continue the awesome work, Rin-chan!
SmutPuppy chapter 2 . 4/24/2016


You know what? That would be an interesting twist. Timid Kakeru, who convulses at that minor confrontation with Rui, has to build a spine and smack Rui around if he wants to be his man. Hue.

*runs away to write*


Kakeru is pretty relatable. I'm like that when it comes to unpleasant confrontations, and my car is just as shitty. ;P
cmaej chapter 1 . 4/19/2016
This mundane chapter does not match the summary and genres! I'm an so confused!

And intrigued. Hue.

Bleached-blond hair and studded belts? Come on, now. We all know he has an adventurous spirit. You know what I mean. Hue.

Even in the mundane setting, I love how the story is starting out. I can't explain it, but you're writing... pleases the sense, I guess? I can just imagine the bishie sparkles as Rui tucked a lock of his hair behind his ear. I can't understand it, but you have made me invested in Rui and Kakeru is a small, well-written chapter. *squeals*