Reviews for Bedside Manner
DianyRdz chapter 3 . 4/19/2016
Eek, February was the last review posted… Slacking off majorly and the thing is, I’ve read all of your stories just haven’t posted the reviews! Btw happy belated Jackie Robinson day, I saw it this past Friday on SC and I was like ohmygosh, i haven't reviewed anything, horrible on my part
Ok, back to Gary and Jayda. Good story as always and I liked how this story gave them both a second chance at things with one another in a different way. Usually it’s that the first marriage didn’t really go well and a second chance at love comes and while it’s sort of true for Jayda, for Gary, his accident was what brought Jayda to him and I’m just happy for them. For Jayda, I think it is very easy to confuse love with sex and for her the attention she was getting from guys while it replaced the feeling of “attention” it did not fully quench need for love that she needed. And there is sooo much more that I could say about this and her behavior and how it stemmed but I’d be going off on a tangent and no need to have a full essay on this, although major props to you for giving me a story that actually makes me think about things and gets a reading thinking while actually enjoying the story(: Happy these two did end up together and did give it a shot, proud of Gary for actually stepping up and asking Jayda to actually give dating a try, slowly and all but they did make the attempt.