Reviews for Autumn Fire
Guest chapter 3 . 5/4/2016
So all the omens fall into line, the bone court is here.
Not very politically minded people what with the arrow as a greeting, hmmm.
KayTheNerd chapter 1 . 4/25/2016
You were right this is good.

Celtic (idk if I can say your name) you know who this is :))))...or do you?...
Sasha Shadow chapter 1 . 4/24/2016
Part 1
It has all the beginnings of an epic fantasy saga. Political tension between the courts of Winter and Summer. The presence of ‘Spriggans’ who are accepted in the land of sprites as normal and considered as ‘impure’ in the land of fairies, four main characters from the different courts telling us their perspectives of what is happening.
The Gathering sounds like a different event to the spring festival given it’s once in one hundred year nature and the others annual nature. It concerns me that no one has directly mentioned the Bone Court it is like; forgive the reference, the uninvited fairy in sleeping beauty?
Alternatively, if the bone court is definite evil, the 100 year gathering is to refresh the seal and every court must send a representative to cast it, last century was autumns turn now is winters. It coincides with the autumn festival because *imagines parts of the seal are in a circle* it links the spell to the previous location. Something political goes down and spell is not cast releasing the bone court (effect not immediately felt)

Part 2
The ‘voice’ of each character really shines through.
Lclyn; a leader of the young generation of court, a mild level of arrogance that negates respect for the elders (Possibly a trait of winter court that seems to respect the strong instead). Strong independent woman.
Aurelius; the honourable knight (possibly the opposite (how strong is the princesses prophet ability?)), easily irritated but still remains polite, searching for his roots i.e. father, currently believes all is well with the world. Soul searcher.
Lorelle; the outcast (or at least she would be if not for the kings favour), insecure and easily frightened, tends to run away from pressure. Wilting flower girl.
Augustine; dutiful prince, has that politically proper education, is serious lots of the time (smile an endangered species), fond of his very large family (the parts we see at least). Family man.

Sounds interesting, will wait for update.