Reviews for The Samurai's honor
Rey del Norte chapter 1 . 9/22/2017
Keep it up. Don't stop.
Eytha chapter 1 . 5/14/2016
I will say to start that you do well carrying English as a second language. There are naturally grammar mistakes, but it remains readable. If it is something you worry about, having someone look it over for mistakes will clean up the easily found ones.

Speaking to the chapter as a whole, written more like a script than prose, you lose a lot of detail about the environment and a chance to dig into the characters and world. There's just enough to see what is happening, but it remains very light relying on the dialogue heavily. However, something that happens in the first part between the Uncle is a heavy amount of dialogue exposition. A little bit can be okay, but a lot can feel very awkward and unnatural.

The story itself is fairly common right now, but you execute well to put together the pieces. A good understanding of Deku's situation is made so you know their motivation. And you have a good ending, though a bit abrupt with the killing of the random guard to set a tone and overall direction. The pieces are all in the right place even if it is feels familiar.

Keep up the hard work!