Reviews for Melodies of the Soul : Gunge the Hostage
rhunter42dragon chapter 1 . 9/20/2018
I! SO! LOVE! THIS! STORY! Just the whole concept of it is awesome! I don't suppose you've ever heard of rival schools doing stuff like this in real llife? They really should, that would be so cool! And I love the whole bit with the armed guards taking her into custody and escorting her to her designated seat and to the gunge tank. Must have been quite an experience for poor Lana (Is it weird that I wish I was her?). My only suggestion is that you should have included the reactions of the Manchester students. The cheers, laughter, catcalls, and heckling from the crowd as Lana is escorted to the gunge tank and when she steps back out covered in gunge would make the whole experience so much more embarrassing for her. And you said she was seated among the cheerleaders, so they probably had a field day with her, smirking at her and taunting her throughout the game as it became increasingly clear that she would be going into the gunge tank. Really great story, I hope to see more of Lana in the future. I've got my fingers crossed that she DOES get drafted into playing a part in that fall carnival, preferably in a dunk tank. :)
Lawrence chapter 1 . 5/22/2016
This is an odd sort of story for me. On the one hand, it feels like very little happens. We're presented with the stakes at the beginning, but it quickly becomes clear that our hero is going get slimed, then it happens, and that's that. That being the case, this is more a description of something that happens rather than a story with conflict.

On the other hand, I've written and read more than one spanking story where the description of the spanking was basically the climax of the story and that was it. In the context of a spanking story, it was a story even if it barely fit the description otherwise.

So, from a purely story perspective, this feels more like a description than a story. From a purely WAM perspective, it's a nice little tale, though I'd have liked a bit more description of the actual event.