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Lickin Linger chapter 71 . 9/14
You made a whole sequence about the whole void but never bothered venturing to the destination after arriving the other world? Must be a sight for the police, even for the civilians to take their phones. I can imagine Beverly Hills, I mean Edgeburn Heights (not even remotely familiar, just came to mind instead) being a quiet city. The peaceful ambience. I wondered about * beholding the sight of the place like other world peasants should. Like ape men. Yeah, this is what I expected from the title in context. Not the frustrating claustrophy(not that I know this word exist) experience in the void. Feels like Thanatos subtle near death experience. I'm not ready yet for whatever's next with Emi.
Lickin Linger chapter 70 . 9/11
Thanks for the release
Nait Ross chapter 27 . 9/4
I hope there will be mysteries surrounding Edgeburn Heights, like Gravity Falls
Linger Lickin chapter 67 . 8/8
Something tells me it's long way over, even before the invasion started, there was something missing. I can only hope you wouldn't end a series too soon. I was worried you'd end it like Children Of War as just it was a day in the job. I can't blame you but you've been seemingly writing enthusiastically for ten years and plot writing as fresh as youth's time.

I feel glad that this was a straightforward sequence but also bad as it worries me it's gonna end a course and a better development. Your writing has made every part so significant that something did happened but ended on a better note. A war takes minutes. It's a good party it's getting better but we have to move on. I was thinking, "wow they had a good time".

Although it ended in an anticlimatic matter I was enthused with joy. Haha, man, was everyone this friendly. It's the modern heroes who gets depressed over trivial fantasy stuffs.

I could only ask the worst part as a penultimate for now and as always. I hope I would be able to learn more from your characters. Show us that you treasure your characters if you really do. I look forward to your next release.
Linger Lickin chapter 65 . 7/27
I. Meant. 65!

But. I always wanted to say as an active reader, thanks for the new chapter. Good job! You're the best. I look forward for your next release.
Lickin Linger chapter 64 . 7/22
I was expecting a cliffhanger. Thankfully, you're not. I mean she was thinking optimistically.

I caught up. I'll just say good job. Had a fun ride. Now what, either I'm going to reread or read the rest of your stories.

I remember the chapters I thought will be the last of your characters. The ones who made me feel like those goodbyes are Paten, Janet and maybe Anara. I can see them waving goodbye back at us. Where the last time we saw them sat and in a cinematic angle, in bts-scene, waving back at us like it was the final episode of a childhood show.

These past chapters have been soon to reach a semi-climax of the arc or a semi-conclusion in preparation for the following arc whereas you will show what happens after everyone gets to their respective side/follows before we can call it a satisfactory ending. You make me feel that everyone has inputed yet pending for the results but we aren't even there yet. You made it as if the following arc isn't a post-ending of the arc but somehow I feel like you're pinning everyone into facing the final boss(of course, I know it isnt over) or rather, a turnaround. You're making everyone so far has reached the plot objectives, now the debriefings (varies) are what follows. So is Andrew next then before the rest?

If my theory is correct, we should be back on Emi first because she's going to be the worst. She's trapped herself in her own mousetrap. I feel the following arc is going to be a pain on everyone, maybe just someone. Because I think I can hope the two girl sides and a lady hopefully don't have involved any further. Except when Culvin deals with her.

But then again, won't everyone still have no compassion for one another? I thought Ash's worse on paper. Yet in contrast, everyone is bluntly arseholes but Ash is worse because of her deception. Hah-... No, that's just what the monkey(?) spirit said.

Perhaps Chessy, Darcy, and Lori are the best bunch? Either way, Eric Porter is best character. I forgot some but they been remarkable so far.
Lickin Linger chapter 63 . 7/21
Dear me, no one really cares. Each one of them are main characters of their own. A life that has purpose, in which that purpose matters to them as their life. I said the obvious, but I feel bad in place of compassion. I wish I was still in the safe side in the middle of a war. Until when are we going to get to that part? Whatever happened to sticking to the end with Norlee and Kahki? I love those gals.
Linger Lickin chapter 59 . 7/20
The way they talk I could transition directively in my head. It's like super heart warming. Her floating away and him watching her soaring away. And man, you had to make poetic dialogue *laughs goofily*
Linger Lickin chapter 56 . 7/19
I expected her idol name something like a title drop, or a reference to Princess Louvina or Evelon. Then again, she wouldn't agree. I know about the name background but man, not only she is a rational person but you, you made her an anti-plot character. Like she's got a mind of her own and not letting the plot involve her at all not even other world cultural terms or at least a fantasy theme with a situation of theirs in a bloodline rebellion or rather relevant to the Rindhall.

It makes me want to retract about my reaction about where I talk about if adventures. Not letting the writer make her go with the flow. I remember a character like Emi so far until a juxtaposition similar to the idol naming, she let anyone made her then as if gave me the feeling she's not being herself. It made her unlikable.
Linger Lickin chapter 53 . 7/18
The last part conversation was so poetic, it was adorkable of you! Shucks!
Linger Lickin chapter 52 . 7/15
I got a full blown YEEEAAHHHH feel from Paten. Feels like we may never hear from her again. I'm glad the developments they had and relevance to the plot where more than enough to fill for attachment. Cheers.

Sasha is the best female character. Gee, you're no better than Roman, but you're the best cousin.

Woah. Deadbeat dads are useful than mothers? Just kidding, they're breadwinners than either of them will ever be.

Emi is doing revolutionary even though she barely, or maybe nearly (or she is now though), involved with The Curtain World. I never bothered about geography, never mind the name for the world, but what the name of the continent where Rindhall and Habalon resides. If I remember correctly, we haven't seen the seas. Perhaps this whole 728k word series was just leading up to this major arc. I just pray for the day they get their better end of stick, for a bit of a while. Sorry for my grammar.
Linger Lickin chapter 50 . 7/15
This was an unbelievable chapter.
Linger Lickin chapter 48 . 7/15
But you will go back on the matter with Throwaway character B, right? You just made someone indirectly erase them from existence without even making a eulogy; second thoughts afterwards. I wish I didn't care (I don't really), but someone will point it out for you on a serious note - pointing out you don't care about your characters because they aren't relevant to The Curtain World (of course except Paten and Darcy) *chuckles*
Linger Lickin chapter 49 . 7/15
What an odd ending to a clusterfizzity-uck of happenings.

It's kinda humorous too, for such a serious episode.
Linger Lickin chapter 48 . 7/15
Aww, I was hoping a journey with Semi and in a new setting. I was worried we weren't going anywhere far.

Other than that, I shove away the what happened prior, just to save you from me saying it again. I'm not counting but man, 15 episodes without our hero. Glad everyone's the character.
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