Reviews for Should Anna Love Don?
DianyRdz chapter 4 . 8/8/2016
Don’t you just love how clueless some people can be? You really question like "are they really that dense"? "Are they just totally clueless and oblivious?" *dramatic mournful sigh*
Anyway, this story was different yet just as interesting to read. It’s in the younger years where we are shaped and what we are exposed to (or lack of exposure) that shapes us to who we are, of course there are always exceptions and loopholes to that. Should Anna love Don? Does it make her a warped person and beyond wrong for loving him even after everything he did? Not to belittle what he did because it was a huge thing and a huge invasion of not only privacy but personal lives as well BUT I do see where / why Anna would still have feelings and love him. I mean love is unconditional, always has been and always will be. A person may see things like this and because of love, they will turn a blind eye and that’s wrong and not what a person should do. That is not the case for Anna however. She knows and understands that Don did wrong. She definitely knows that he has done his time, paid his dues for his crimes and is still feeling the repercussions of his choices – him still being on probation and where he ended up working and living. Yet she still loves him. Her feelings for him have not turned or changed or lessened even through all of that. That does not make Anna horrible or warped or anything, and the answer is (in my opinion) yes. Anna should love Don. They are people after all. He does recognize his mistake and he is paying for it. They have a life as well and even they deserve love as well.