Reviews for Taken Down A Peg (Second Chance)
DianyRdz chapter 5 . 8/9/2016
Sometimes we find ourselves judging a person by how they act and write them off because of that. Sometimes we find ourselves acting differently because of material things and overlooking those who don’t. These are both true for Peggy and Chance, they both lived their own version of happiness until it was taken away. How do you act around someone that you didn’t think twice of?
Nobody is perfect and to think that a family or a person is perfect is just outrageous. Judging a person without getting to know them, you do miss out a lot. Both parties did this and when they discovered that there was more to one another, what do you do? It was a shame something big such as the losing of a spouse on both ends had to happen in order for them to realize it but if anything, it changed them, opened them up abit. It was nice line (“I’ll have your special”) and a nice way to begin things anew between the two. A lot of challenges and a lot of things will change being that they are both still dealing with ghosts of different sorts along with different “wounds” that need to heal. However, they know they type of life they want to have and working together they will achieve that. :)