Reviews for Guardians: Windyne Misfits
WolfGoesBaa chapter 1 . 1/27
It seems you've given a lot of thought to this world. I see some good world building and conflicts with the races. And you seem to have a good handle on the characters that have been introduced so far, Atom and his sister Aran.

You should split dialogue and action into separate paragraphs. Also, keep your sentences short, this means less commas and more full stops and 'joining words' like then, and, before, after, etc. These will make your story easier to read.
SleepyGoron chapter 7 . 12/27/2017
Okay, so I just discovered this and have read all 7 chapters in the space of about half an hour. This story is absolutely gripping. Aside from a few minor issues and nitpicks I had with grammar and things like that, I absolutely loved this. The characters, particularly Linda and Leon, are awesome, and I like where you're taking it and can't wait to see what happens when our heroes take on gangsters. All in all this is an awesome story and I can't wait to see more, please update fast!