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Darth Zannacross chapter 2 . 7h
As we progress, it seems Mokedi is a rather savage man.

Humans seem like something that can lead to fun possibilities. Sucks to be in a area of utter chaos.

Omoi's father was no saint but, still feel bad she's a orphan because of such thugs. Well, we will see if Kai is all talk, if he is Akum is going to make him pay a price, we will see.

Another fun chapter as we learn more about are two leads, till next time.
Starart152 chapter 2 . 20h
This is another nice chapter that cement that Hazumi could be a real ghost, but his existence is certain. If that his real, we can assume that Kai father is really a sky pirate, but no one believed him. As for Omoi, she is in a lot of trouble and her life is in danger.
It makes me wonder how Hazumi can help her.
Starart152 chapter 1 . 10/13
This is a nice chapter to start the story with a boy named Kai and his mysterious power as he crossed path with a girl named Omoi. The little details gives some nice world building as it tell a few little things about the world they inhabited, their power and what is going on in town in a nice, fluid and organic pacing.
As for the invisible one who Kai speaks too or part of his imagination, it is interesting to see where the story will go with that.
Darth Zannacross chapter 1 . 10/11
This story looks intriguing, and Kai seems likeable enough to follow so that's good lol. Seems like a crafty lonely guy if he's talking to himself but I'm sure we will figure out the source of most of these acts, in theory, maybe.

Well, hopefully Kai's dad is not Luffy from One Piece, doubtful I guess. Well, Kai has a good heart and, Omoi seems alright if nothing special for now but a solid enough foundation. Also, quick note, at the end of the chapter you have" Great, his nuts, when I'm guessing you meant " He"s nuts"? Just curious.

Ah well best of luck and till the next chapter.
dmasterxd chapter 1 . 10/10
Well this was definitely a very interesting start for the story. Not only does the whole bit of Kai constantly talking to himself keep intrigue throughout the chapter build intrigue but it's also just outright hilarious lol. Seriously though, I am curious what is up with that. Omoi seems like she'll be a pretty cool character too. Humor is on point, probably my favorite part so far, but of course the story is just beginning. I'm looking forward to see how it shapes out!
Shang chapter 13 . 10/3
Well, Bronson is still unasigned, but other than that the final match-up seems to be set. But why didn't Mary just go to help Riku herself if she cannot get Shuji free? Aside from using the lever there really isn't much more she could do.

I do wonder if Riku and Mary will both join the crew, which would make up for a pretty large cast this early in the story, though this is a second time 'Casters' are mentioned - does that mean there is magic in this world?
lirianstar chapter 37 . 9/28
Oh shit. You'd think Kazu is completely unhinged; but then is way too careful how he acts. A thin line - and not in a good way either. The quintessential 'psycho', I do wonder if he is going to be one of the antagonists or will there be a character development in other directions or not?
Shang chapter 12 . 9/18
Shuji gets no respect... understandable, considering he doesn't make a particularly big impression, but still. I sure hope he'll prove his worth at some, not-too-distant future. Same goes for Shinji... hmmm, is the similarity of their names a hint to the level of their usefulness? ;

I sense the final showdown is drawing near as people are divided for one-on-one battles. I'm guessing Riku will end up fighting this Tobik guy, so a sword duel. Should be fun.

Nice work thus far.
Shang chapter 11 . 9/17
I love the poetic way you used to described Shinji's dash for the trashcan :D

The chase scene was, perhaps, a tad too long; I feel like such things don't work as well in written form. It was interesting, though for the future I would advice avoiding 'repetition': the number of times I read "three level building" or "four level building" during the pursuit made me cringe a bit. Perhaps use substitutes or just name the buildings (like 'clocktower' for example) to have more than one way to describe the structure.

Yuki is getting a bit annoying with her over-protectiveness... which, apparently doesn't transfer directly to Shuji, since it took her so long to realize he was missing :D And Kai is just an unpleasant as always, getting bored after 3 minutes of training... granted this is manga, so 3 minutes should be the equivalent of few months, but still :D

Overall the arc is progressing nicely with a good balance between humor, action and plot. I wonder when this will all lead and what exactly is Kazu involved in. Nice job.
Shang chapter 10 . 9/17
Hmmm... I'm starting to wonder in Shinji has any fighting skills at all. Other that Kai worshipping him, he didn't really shown himself as leader material much. It was nice to see a bit more of everyone's skills, but it feels very uneven with the "bad guys" having only two people of note on their side... apparently.
Of course, not all Otakes seem like warrior types (Shuji as a prime example... and he even got caught; it was funny, but I do hope he'll get to have his "5 minutes").
Overall nice, action-packed chapter.
lirianstar chapter 36 . 9/11
Lol, I forgot to comment on Kiko and Shinji just happening to run into each other lol. Eri and Mord be like "ready for sneak attacks to...whut?!"

Seriously though, Eri's poshness with the pirates is funny as hell.
lirianstar chapter 35 . 9/11
And I'm finally back to catch up!

Aww, the family bonding moments are so nice, and despite the initial craziness (okay, maybe not initial) its clear they are super close knit.

The sky rapier huh? o.0
Shang chapter 9 . 9/9
The shop scene was pretty funny; I gotta say that at first I raised my eyebrow, but I did ended up chuckling, even if the outcome was sorta predictable (I watched/read a LOT of comedies, so don't feel bad - punchlines I commonly see coming miles away :D).

The rifle does provide some possibilities for entertaining abilities on Shuji's side (in a way it reminds me of Sid and his pistols - a character in my upcoming story), though I'm kinda disappointed that Shuji 'forgot' about his gun's defect - I was under the impression he was the brains in the family and I figured he was using the rifle as a scope only, not that he actually planned on firing it and forgot of its inability to do so.

The lack of Kai in this chapter is a bit surprising, but I'm glad this isn't a "one-man tale". I also give you props for providing each Otake with their own quirks; each is more manga-like than grounded, but in a shounen title which this story mirrors greatly it works.

I'm only annoyed at the cliff-hanger as I can't read more today and I'm very curious what the heck happened :D Nice work.
Shang chapter 8 . 9/9
Felt a bit filler-upish, but it did gave a closer look at the Otake family before moving on to the actual adventure. I still dislike Kai and I certainly hope he does something that will turn him around in my eyes; as is, I can barely stand him and he's basically the lead character.

Shuji on the other hand seems like a doormat. It's an interesting route to take, but I do hope he'll get a chance to prove himself. I only wonder if Shinji's pistol was really the thing he was searching for; I was half-hoping his sneaking around at the start to be something more sinister... that would be a twist ;)

I'm anxious to see where this arc will take the story.
cud-b-better chapter 67 . 9/9
A good chapter and a ending I was not expecting. Everyone got done in but the little girl manages to pull through. Quite the tragic ending as well. Fortunately I wasn't that invested in the duo that died. I think Kai's choice of lying at the end was the correct one, but it may come back to bite him. Glad to see Yuki is back to her old self as well. Anyway another good chapter of a good story.
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