Reviews for Pirates of the Skies
cud-b-better chapter 58 . 10/21
Whilst most the family eats, Riku fights. With Mary gone Omoi is getting 100% of Yuki's cruelty. I'm curious about this curse, but I'm guessing the necklace seals it somehow. If my memory serves Shinji stole that necklace almost as an after thought but it seems it is seriously going to come back and bite him.
cud-b-better chapter 57 . 10/20
Well the otake family can never catch a break, and shuji actually proving he can be useful from time to time. A good chapter although I question the use of a pepper bomb rather than just plain poison, well I guess that might have been just for comedy purposes.
Animewoman chapter 80 . 10/16
Oh snap! Something is about to go down.
Animewoman chapter 79 . 10/16
Aww...poor Shuji. I guess we are all a little Shuji sometimes.
cud-b-better chapter 55 . 10/4
Riku returned and Mary left, although not before throwing him off his game. I sense foreshadowing with Kai somewhat remembering someone but not getting a full picture. I was kind of hoping Mary was actually going to come back with the group she melded with them so well if you don't account for Yuki. Lassie shone brightly this chapter, the bird who did all the work as Shuji cowered in fear. My guess for the arc ending was off.
cud-b-better chapter 54 . 10/4
Nothing more disturbing to a intimate dance than an enemy's severed head in a glass jar. Shinji's age catching up with him amusing as per usual. A bit more revealed about Mary and Riku and I guess Riku's past departure was something to do with Hazami. Now the highlight Shuji's "not spying" and lassie vs a boar. Lassie has the flight advantage so I can see victory, or Riku interupts. Another good chapter, kind of wondering just what gap are, I'm guessing some kind of police. Anyway another good chapter.
cud-b-better chapter 53 . 10/4
Riku and Mary leaving, and me wondering which boy will reign victorious in this move triangle, although I'm guessing Riku as Shuji always seems to draw the short end of the stick. Here me calling the arc ending, Shuji broken hearted and Shinji asking his son after returning where is the meat.
cud-b-better chapter 52 . 10/4
I wonder why Shinji and Shuji's fights can usually only be called pathetic although they do make me laugh. Yuki's never lay a finger on my boys ringing strongly in this chapter as well, although with such a partner I guess most mothers would do the same thing. I've always wondered if you hit your head if you truly do see double (can't say I've been stupid enough to try it). Another good chapter to add to the bunch, and a good ending, they're not out of trouble just yet.
Animewoman chapter 74 . 9/4
I can see where Kai get his rudeness from. I feel like the waiters might get fired.
Animewoman chapter 73 . 9/4
Toddlers? Knee-high? I think it would be better if they were called brats but you are the author so I can't tell you what to do. I agree with Kai, I would have asked the bouncer, if he was blind too. Kai shouldn't have underestimated Omoi and I would have knocked him on the side of his head if Kai said that to me.
Animewoman chapter 72 . 9/4
Riku is like the younger version of Zoro.
Animewoman chapter 71 . 9/4
If I was Shuji, then I would have never do any of those chores that weren't mine. I'm confused about the arcs switching back and forth.
Animewoman chapter 67 . 9/4
I liked that Yuki's necklace and The Rainbow Blade were two different chapters.
Dlombardi chapter 7 . 9/1
Heh, their mother reminds me of Chi-chi. She acts so much like her it's not even funny. But I was always a fan of that crazy woman.

Starting the chapter off, or any chapter with describing how someone is dressed in such detail seems a bit tasteless; working with an editor, I discovered dressing up characters period isn't the best of things seeing as your reader will possibly dress your characters at any given point in time anyway (unless it's a unique/outlandish outfit, even then I'd advise to keep it limited). Although if it's subtle and worked in the lit right, then go for it. But I wouldn't give it its own para.

Aside from that, this was a nice chapter for sure.
Cloudcrushed chapter 71 . 8/30
The Ptolemy guy seems... odd yet interesting. I'm sure he knows way more than he seems. I wonder what sort of secrets does he keeps? P.S. It's cool how Shuji act calmly around those thugs, at least, before they started threatening him.
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