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Cloudcrushed chapter 44 . 8/19
*Gasps* Omoi is growing up and wants to be a useful member for the team! I smell a good development coming soon. It's unexpected to see that Mary has this wise side of her that I didn't know. I get that she's the voice of reason most of the time, which is ironic, but it's refreshing to see a young girl with respected wisdom.

And the conflict thickens with the clash with the hunting party.
Cloudcrushed chapter 41 . 8/19
That was a really great arc. It's nice to see the backstory for the supporting characters and I have a feeling this isn't gonna be the last time we see Eida and Kim, if I'm not wrong. I have to admit, I felt bad for Eida when Shinji left just like that, with a simple 'I O U.' Though, that bit was funny. I hope Kazu won't be causing any more inconveniences, at least for a while. It's also nice to see how the currency works.
Tomoyuki Tanaka chapter 71 . 8/17
Poor Shuji. Yeah. He should really stop doing chores, period. I can't believe Kai push chores he doesn't like into other people, that's so immatured. I did laugh a bit when the GAP officials realized that Shuji wasn't GAP but didn't arrest him because they didn't have gun laws or something. Shuji's a true rifleman. The errands he ran were quite interesting, bu almost got him killed. Oh boy. At least he led the gang into the GAP officials, so that was pretty cool.

The language thing makes the treasure intriguing. I hope we find out more about it! Ptolemy seems like a smart guy, and I suspect we'll see him again. Cool!
Tomoyuki Tanaka chapter 70 . 8/17
...didn't I just read this?

Never mind, I'll comment about the other chapter. It was a bit confusing to switch arcs and stories like that, even if you wanted to explain how Kai and the others were adrift out on sea. As I mentioned before, I don't agree with it, but you're the writer. Don't let anyone tell you how you should write your own story.

But on the other hand, I don't have to like it either. There were a few humorous bits in the previous chapter, but hmm...I guess I don't have much to say about it.
Cloudcrushed chapter 35 . 8/13
Damn, Mary is straight up a sneaky girl for tricking Eida like that. My respect for her has grown! I like how we got to see Kai's character development, in which we get to see more of his heroic side even though his bratty attitude still remains...

I called it! Kiko is now half blind... Oh no, I was right, maybe I jinxed it? I love the interaction between those two; Kiko and Shinji, and how they're both unaware that one of them is after the other and her target is literally right in front of her. So the plot thickens with the appearance of some familiar enemies we all know, The Sky Rapier. Overall, a really good chapter.
Cloudcrushed chapter 33 . 8/12
Well, this is... awkward. It was Kiko's mistake for freeing him in the first place. When that sequence in the storage room happened, it was so intense and it got me on the edge of my seat and my heart broke in pieces when she set him free. What Kaze did to her eyeball was pretty horrifying tbh, so is she blind now? I guess I'll find out later. And so the battle for the caster's help begins!
Cloudcrushed chapter 32 . 8/12
Finally decided to catch up with this story again after piles and piles of school activities... Sorry again for the lateness. Hahaha, Kiko seems like a very interesting character! I'm glad that she has a bit more of a sarcastic and humour side onto her. The incident in the hospital made me laugh really hard at the nurse and Yuki interaction. And Hazumi falls once more to a coincidental accident, haha.

The fact that Kiko easily swatted away Hazumi's hands and Kai's forcefield has got to mean that she's super strong or the sword itself has some anti-magic properties, eh? That's actually pretty scary and threatening to have her as one of the villains now. But for sure, she'll definitely add some more coolness and craziness in this story! Overall, this chapter is a well-done for me.
Dlombardi chapter 6 . 8/12
Ha, I like the DBZ reference. This was a nice chapter, enjoyed the rush. I still see the same issues with the voice switching, something you can look into (just google active vs passive voice ) I also noticed some grammatical errors, a good revising could better this chapter for sure.

Aside from that, liked the action and the supernatural feel to it.
Dlombardi chapter 5 . 8/12
This is a good idea, to clear some things up for readers. Nice breaking the 4th wall skit
Tomoyuki Tanaka chapter 69 . 8/9
Oh well...that sucks.

Oh, and they're finally in the city to find Omoi's brother! FINALLY! I almost forgot that the reason Kai took her along was to find her brother! I hope they get reunited, and soon! YAY! Kai gets to meet his new brother-in-law!

Aw...poor engines. And yeah, that exchange between Shinji, Shuji and the official was hilarious. GAP Protocols, old ID number that expired 6 years ago, and changing the name of their ship from Dream Glider to Merchants Cross. Whoops! Almost got caught there! And seriously, don't put your engines on fire again so soon after you put one out! What was Shinji thinking? Oh, he wasn't thinking. As usual.

Keep up the fabulous humor! And I hope Omoi finds her brother! RIGHT NOW!
Tomoyuki Tanaka chapter 68 . 8/9
I don't even remember who Sekami is.
Tomoyuki Tanaka chapter 67 . 8/5
I don't think you went too far. The chapters were all great and interesting. 4 chapters is just right. It's not too long. This was a climactic battle to an awesome saga. Don't put yourself down, you did an excellent job.

A pity Jinpai and Ayano died. At least they died together. Harano is a bastard, he should have been the one who died, but he went and pushed Omoi forward, hence Omoi was forced to kill Ayano out of self-defense. Shuji is smart as always, and I thought we were going to rely on Riku to finish the job, but alas it fell to poor Omoi instead. Good to see the old Yuki back. I don't like her obnoxious, jealous, possessive self, but the whole "make peace with the monster" version was too...dumb for me too. Glad you changed her back. She was receiving development after all, what with softening toward Omoi and friends. She didn't even protest against Kiko's presence!
Dlombardi chapter 4 . 8/5
Action packed as always; here are a few tips:

I still noticed some things would have worked better not elongated. For example: ' well as his gun.' could have been written simply, 'Mokedi raised his eyebrows and his gun' or personally I would reword the structure a bit cause I think he's trying to give that cocky look, 'Mokedi arched an eyebrow, wielding his gun.' I myself tend to use 'as' as if my life depended on it, :p it just takes practice. Also, I'm upset I just learned this myself cause I was guilty of it as well, switching between voices:
'Akum was getting closer' passive voice
'Akum got closer' active voice (recommended, since you are telling a story, not necessarily showing one)

I would try not to slip into using 'was' implying passive voice.
Other than that, good read.
cud-b-better chapter 50 . 7/30
Well still no idea just what the real treasure is, but considering the Otakes didn't take it you'd think Eri would try and do the smart thing by not involving himself with them any further, although I know that ain't gonna happen. Logic would ruin a story afterall. Anyway I guess this is the end of this arc. I wonder what fate has ready for the pirate crew next.
cud-b-better chapter 49 . 7/30
An absolutely brilliant fight. In terms of action this probably has to be the best yet in my opinion. Now Riku is surrounded by flames and Yuki unknowingly has a gun pointed at her head. A brilliant place to end the chapter and I'm expecting another good fight this time between Yuki and Eri.
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