Reviews for Pirates of the Skies
Denisediva chapter 6 . 2/25
Isn't the magic word is please? Corporal Mode reminds me of Corporal from Kieli the light novel. Sounds like Corporal would say. I saw the Dragon Ball Z reference ugh.
Denisediva chapter 3 . 2/25
What is an Human and who taught them magic?
Denisediva chapter 2 . 2/25
If you're going to write about a side character who repeat themselves then at least put periods between each word.
Example: "Yeah. Yeah. Yeah."
I feel like you might have a character who speaks in third person too. I keep reading this book with Fairy Tail music in my head.
O'Conner chapter 40 . 2/24
Absolutely loved that chapter! But I am wondering what happened to all the treasure that was on the ship.
Tomoyuki Tanaka chapter 40 . 2/23
They had best pay Eida, or I'll feel sorry for him. Still, it's good to see the Otakes all up, healthy and running again. They saved Kai! YAY! do realize Yuki is already married, right? Sigh. Oh well.

At least everything else has been resolved, but it seems the Otakes are going on a new adventure! I hope they snatch the treasure from right under Mord's nose (and remember to pay Eida at it!)!
Denisediva chapter 1 . 2/20
This reminds me of One Piece and Fairy Tail a little bit. I like the story. I wonder who Kai is talking to.
O'Conner chapter 39 . 2/19
Now that was a great chapter! Am really getting into this story now so keep up the fantastic work!
Tomoyuki Tanaka chapter 39 . 2/17
Damn it. Whe it rains, it pours. Will Shinji survive? Wait...then he suddenly showed up at the very end!? Right after Eida said, "if I run out of energy, he dies."?!

The money thing still doesn't make sense. The villagers did their best to help Eida's wife, I thought he understood that. If anything, it should make him more determined that his wife's sacrifice did not go to waste. But I don't know. That's just me being me. At least Eida is helping Shinji now! Yay! That man came through after all! That was great! This indeed is the best medicine.

Now they have to go rescue Kai! Yuki's yelling of those pirate scumbags kidnapping her son is ironic - aren't the Otakes pirates themselves? What does she mean pirate scumbags? I thought Kai's kidnappers were the navy, not pirates. I could be mistaken.
Tomoyuki Tanaka chapter 38 . 2/17

Do you really have to spare Kazu's life? Really? That's just plain bad. Kimi is completely unrealistic and irratonal. Kazu was killing her Dad, and was trying to kill her just a few moments ago, and she's like, "you've beaten him! No need to kill him!" Are you serious?! Are you freaking serious?! That guy was trying to kill you and your Dad, you know? Even a saint wouldn't be this stupid.

And if Kazu escapes and ends uup fighting Mary and Riku again, it'll get repetitive. There are good villains, and there are bad villains, and Kazu is an atrocious villain who is too much of a cockroach. That is to say, he's more annoying than compelling, and there are times you should just get rid of him forever. Recurring villains are all right, but overdo it and they become annoying to read, and honestly, quite repetitive.

On the other hand, this is background info for Eida! I think that's cool, but it doesn't explain his obsession with money. Yes, we can relate with him more and sympathize with him. Seems like he went through great lengths to save his wife, but failed. That was touching, and his brush with the pirates was quite logical and understandable. On the other hand, how does this lead to his current attitude of, "if you want treatment you pay for it!" The villagers helped him best they could because they owed his wife so much. Did he not learn nothing from that? Well, I guess this is a good chapter in any case because of Eida's past!
O'Conner chapter 38 . 2/15
Terrific chapter! Thanks!
O'Conner chapter 37 . 2/12
Lovely chapter!
Tomoyuki Tanaka chapter 37 . 2/10
I am not a big fan of rematches, and I was disappointed to see Riku go down. Damn it, Kazu is annoying, someone should kick his ass. Damn disgusting, arrogant bastard...

Oh well, I wonder if Eida can defeat that jerk.
Tomoyuki Tanaka chapter 36 . 2/5
Um, okay. I guess. The Otakes are in deep trouble. Yeah, things are just getting worse for them. I wonder how they're going to get out of this mess.

Uh, does Kiko know that Shinji is married? The way she behaves toward him is like she is attracted to him romantically. Yuki will go ballistic when she finds out.

Kazu is annoying. Just kill him already. Sigh. I knew they should have killed him back then, this guy just makes it aggravating. And poor Kai. I hope he survives. What is it with all the bastards in this story? It's hard to find a decent character in this story.

I can sort of tell why Elda is the way he is. Kimi's mom must have overworked herself to death. But that doesn't explain that whole money thing. That has nothing to do with overwork, right? Or, if you want to overwork me, you have to pay exobirtant fees for it? I'm not sure what kind of logic is that. It's more like...I dunno, running away from reality? You might as well not be a doctor in the first place.

And I think all doctors have the Hippocratic Oath, which makes sure they do their utmost best to preserve lives. Go, Kimi!
cud-b-better chapter 1 . 2/5
Well quite a few regular tropes in terms of boy rescues girl at beginning he is some kind of special existence etc. Although the talking to self is a little different. I felt that some of the dialogue felt a little unnatural as did some reactions (one kid gets a free meal and runs so lets lynch him) but not to the extent where it would make me cringe. Well wondering where this is going to go really, not a bad start but there wasn't anything that really stuck out to me.
Tomoyuki Tanaka chapter 35 . 1/27
When it rains, it pours...

Finally the Otakes get a lot more likeable here. Riku determined to save his father at all costs, Kai bravely risking his life to stop his ship from sinking (I was about to make a pun about jumping ship here, but never mind...). Speaking of ships, I saw the ship between Riku and Mary sail. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! That wasn't surprising, in fact I thought Mary was in love with Riku since a long time ago.

That Shinji and Kiko conversation was just so random...

Well, at least Riku managed to convince Kimi to help heal his father. Good thinking, Mary! Ha ha ha ha! Sometimes it's great being a thief - they have a chance of helping Shinji! It's good to see that Kimi isn't an asshole like her father...her father is just absurd. This isn't about making exceptions or sticking to your values, it's saving lives. He's behaving like a spoiled brat, something like you know, a Hollywood star demanding an astronomical fee for his services to star in a sequel. When the director explains that they need him to please the fans, he replies, "well, it's your fault that the fans will be disappointed because you refuse to pay me the amount I want." That kind of logic is messed up and irresponsible...

I hope the doctor gets what he deserves someday...
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