Reviews for Death Notice
Guest chapter 5 . 8/4/2016
Well, if this doesn’t make you want to want to chill and relax abit, not take things like love for granted and willingly sacrifice all that, I’m not sure what will. Sure this is just one point of view and everything but the idea of willingly doing that, doesn’t sit too well and it is something to think about. Props to the author. Very nice message to this story, I mean the differences of how one gave up his life dreams to continue on his father’s business and things and how she gave up her love (and him) to pursue her life dreams and goals and yet they ended up opposite, both successful in the way the other one wasn’t. Very in depth for such a small number of chapters yet it tells the story message quite well. Even if the reason bringing them together was not the best, I’m happy that he realized that he married the wrong woman band that both he and Sherri were back together. Fictional story yet best wishes to them, were it a real story, they are only an hour or so away. ) Regards as always.