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SistyMisty chapter 44 . 11/8/2016
This is the most beautiful fantasy I have ever read, thank you for this.
SistyMisty chapter 43 . 11/8/2016
This is painful. I loved Aiber even more than Sharle.
basilisk6 chapter 44 . 11/6/2016
That ending was brilliant. Having Sharle fight Mavariel was ingenious. I totally didn't see that coming and it worked so well. I also really liked Asemodea's POV where she gave more details about Sharle's childhood and upbringing. It really shows how true love can make someone unbelievably strong.

I really wanted Mavariel to die because I hate her, but I honestly thought Vhan was going to spare her since he's all for second chances. But I guess he pointed out that she was beyond help, so there wasn't really another option.

So happy to see a happy ending to this story. Vhan has his magic back; Hal, Leika, and Sharle lived; and Vhan and Sharle will be together forever. I have no questions for you and I'm content imagining happy times for everyone. Thank you for dedicating so much time and effort to writing such an amazing (and lengthy) story, and for sharing it with us. It was an absolute pleasure to read and I will always be in awe of your creative mind and amazing way with words. :) 3
basilisk6 chapter 43 . 11/6/2016
I was so scared that Hal and/or Leika was going to die. So glad that didn't happen. I don't feel terribly sad about Aiber's death. I'm not saying I'm glad he died, I just wasn't particularily attached to him as a character. It would have been nice to see him live and find someone else to love. It's too bad he died without getting the love he wanted.

What the heck happened to cause the explosion? Was it really just an oversaturation of magic? At first I thought the dragons ignored the Accords and joined the fight. :P
dimensionrain chapter 44 . 11/6/2016
Oh my god... :')

I felt all warm and fluffy from Vhan swearing his heart to Sharle two chapters ago. Then here, when he had Sharle fight Mavariel, and Asemodea narrating, I felt this sense of awe that I can't really explain properly. Sharle was literally shaped into who he is by his love for Vhan. His devotion was so great that it pushed him through a century of painful and relentless training so that he could be strong enough to stand by the King. It's a bit weird because I KNOW that Sharle loves Vhan more than anything, but it honestly took me until this passage from Asemodea to comprehend the scale of it. And even now, I can't fully comprehend. Just thinking about Vhan's initial feelings towards him, compared to this complete and unshakable faith, so complete that he would stake his heart, his people, his life on him... wow. I was just rereading the first few chapters recently and I have to say, I almost can't believe that guy back there was Vhan haha. What a transformation.

I'm all conflicted about it being over because I enjoyed it so much and didn't want it to end, but I'm also satisfied with this ending. It's the comfort of knowing that Sharle and Vhan are together, Vhan is in his rightful place and steering things in the right direction, and their world is bright and beautiful. Also knowing that Hal and Leika are okay makes me happy. Oh yeah, Hal. Bit of a side note: I remember having a difficult time sympathizing with his character back in "Leika" and being frustrated because I didn't want to dislike him. I like him much better now and overall understand him more. He's changed, and that came with Leika and Sharle being in his life. Vhan noted that too and it's good to know that their relationship is fine now.

Anyway, so glad you shared this story with us :) It really was an ambitious work but I think you managed to pull it off quite well. It was all kinds of ups and downs and pulled together nicely at the end. There's always something that could be improved I'm sure. It's a dilemma sometimes with creating art or writing: how to know when it's truly finished and stop adding/fixing things. Taking a step back will help with figuring that out. I do have one question: was it ever said explicitly why the demons were interested in the outcome of this war? It's important for this world but how important is it for their world?

Congrats on finishing this and thanks! I'll be saving this as a reread for the future.
Anna chapter 44 . 11/6/2016
I loved it. It was beautiful. just.. Just .. Vhan, Sharle they.. It just.. It was wonderful I... I ahhhhhhhhhhhh! I cried and cried when Vhan and Sharle came together at last. Heck I had people coming over so I just cried while I vacuumed. And now it's the end and man the story was astounding, I applaud you for wonderful character development and the unique plot line. There were quite a few times when you created a turnabout or ended a scene in a certain way that I didn't expect. It was great! Like when Vhan had Sharleon battle Mavariel instead of battling her himself. You created scenes where Vhan had to convince people or make them open their eyes and really the execution, motivation, and wording of those scenes were brilliant. The story was clear and the plot was detailed and rich. You didn't just create two dimensional characters. Also the names you created or chose were pretty nice. Thank you for posting Vhanaiel! I can definitely say that it goes up on my mental shelf of favorite stories.
Shela chapter 44 . 11/6/2016
*exhales deeply*
wow. This has been quite a journey. I cannot even comprehend the fact that it is done at this point. I don't know what to say...

Since I'm reviewing this and the previous chapter at once, I will say that the scene with Aiber was sweet. I knew that Vhan knew that Aiber was behind the poisoning, but he was behind the memory loss as well? He did know before hand that someone was coming to take his Alpha, but that almost the whole thing was planned. Hm...

I will say, I was not expecting the final battle to be between Mavariel and Sharle. I dont know why I didn't think about it - it's a genius plan. And definitely spoke of the true reason behind the war. Oh so many feels, I can't take it.

Magic has been returned to the rightful King, and he shall sit upon his throne with his sorcerer by his side, and his angels behind him. An open and indefinite future ahead of them. Magnificent.

I will say (if I have not said before), I had not really planned to review this story (or Leika, for that matter) by the chapter. But after falling in love with the characters and their journeys, I figured I might as well continue where I left off. :) These past few months have been amazing. Thank you for allowing me this journey, and for telling two stories that I know I will return to on multiple occasions. They will remain in my heart far into the reign of King Vhanaiel, and farther still.

*bows gracefully*
InsanityAndBeyond chapter 42 . 11/6/2016

That is all.
Shela chapter 42 . 11/4/2016
And so Vhan, finally honest with himself and his desires, give himself fully over to Sharle. *sigh* ABOUT TIME! Man, he was holding that in forever lol It's really sweet, though, that they both can tell that there is a difference in their actions and emotions this time compared to before. I'm very happy :)

Now, we have just one more thing to go, The final battle. the last push to regain his throne. I'm still hoping that, somehow he will get his wings back. Is that truly not a possibility? That kinda makes me sad. But at least the return of his magic and bring out some of the previous wonder that was Vhanaiel. The end is near. I am both sad and happy to see the resolve. So onward towards the future :)
another guest chapter 42 . 11/4/2016
Thank you for this chapter! I really love that it was so intensely emotional yet at the same time always so clear. You could feel the difference to the other times, when they had sex. To me Vhan seems stronger now than he ever was and somehow complete. I'm not even sure if he needs his magic back. But maybe it's good, that he doesn't need the magic for himself to heal.
basilisk6 chapter 42 . 11/4/2016
Ah, that was a sweet chapter. Now that their hearts have been mended they can completely focus on the battle ahead. I wonder how Vhan's angels will react to Vhan giving his heart to Sharle. I hope it doesn't upset anyone and compromise their allegiance.
basilisk6 chapter 41 . 11/3/2016
It sure is nifty to have a prophet on your side. I'm not sure if it's a guaranteed win, but I imagine Azare can shed some light on Mavariel's tricks so they won't be caught unawares. It looks as if Mavariel is most concerned about Vhan getting his magic back. Was the Keeper the one who sealed Vhan's magic, and thus is the only one who can restore it?

And Vhan finally got the memo about Sharle. I'm glad Azare was there to point things out to Vhan, which I see as his way of showing his love for Sharle, since Vhan is the key to Sharle's happiness. I think it was hard for Vhan to believe someone could love that deeply, so he never really took Sharle seriously.

I look forward to the final battle, but I don't want anybody I care about to die! :(
dimensionrain chapter 41 . 11/3/2016
Finally with Azare straight-up telling him, Vhan has the epiphany that Sharle had always placed him as number one in his heart. Big shocker. For Vhan at least. Meanwhile we've all been screaming at him "Be with him, damnit!" for some time now. It just had to be at the last minute for dramatic effect of course ;)
Ah, but I'm feeling the sense of loss and uncertainty that his pack feels. While it's true that Vhan's not disappearing, it's the fact that nothing will ever be as it was before and that's hard to accept. Along with the deaths of Bondo and Maure, Vhan's departure is another difficult blow.
So Vhan's going to get his magic back, which is amazing. I'm so excited! But it's a dangerous mission, so I'm hoping for the best here.
another guest chapter 41 . 11/3/2016
I feel a little bit like his pack right now, about to loose him soon. But it looks very promising and I'm really looking forward to the next chapters! Thank you again!
Vaesen chapter 41 . 11/2/2016
A new chapter oQo Definitely the best way for ending the day. Sadly, as you know, English is my second language and I'm too tired to think straight even in French, so my review isn't going to be very long. To put it simply, like always, I liked this chapter a lot and I seriously can't wait for the next one. It was sad, yet peaceful. Azare have me smile a bit as well as the pack - but that was mostly a sad smile. In short, there was a lot of different feeling and I loved it :)

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