Reviews for The Ascent from the Buried City
WolfGoesBaa chapter 1 . 4/15/2017
That was an enjoyable read. I like the way you use metaphors in the descriptions and although Ortis doesn't speak much (actually many characters don't speak much) he comes across as a likeable protagonist.

I think the first section (the Prologue) should be dumbed down a little. It's too complex for an info dump and when I read an info dump I don't want to waste time deciphering it.

... administrators would often [purges of] their predecessors' records to magnify their own- [purge]

...but he quickly [reminded] some past duels he had fought... - [remembered]

...the Magistrates likely had [silvers] of Haven's secrets... - [slivers]

Again, I really loved this story.