Reviews for One Last Hurrah
DianyRdz chapter 5 . 8/9/2016
This story… I liked how Terrie seems real, like all rounded character instead of a flat character. She does have feelings and she didn’t shut down and turn into a robot after a situation like that. Sure she was frazzled abit but it was twenty years of sharing your life with someone. I’m not condoning the behavior but the show of an emotion – even if it is anger showing, she was still acting more as a real person would act and not how most stories depict, gives it a bit of realism to the stories. Most would either shut down and hide in depression or lash out entirely without a care. She did both (sort of) and she realized that her acting that way is not the real her. Unlike most also, she had someone there to help her see that.
Kelsey showing up... Coincidence or something more? Kelsey and Terrie really did like each other as it was revealed and like in previous stories with previous characters, timing was not right or they were already involved with others or they just did not want to see that they were with the wrong person. Unbelievably, it takes something big and drastic as an affair and a divorce for people to see that there is more, there was more with someone else.
The best thing she could have done was the decisions at the end, why keep it bottled up? Let go of the anger and the grudges, not belittling what Jackson did – because it was something big, but why live with that anger? She did nothing wrong, she was the one betrayed and such so why should she be the one that has that horrible feeling and that bitterness and anger within herself? (Not saying that Jackson doesn’t feel bad about what he did, I’m sure he does but ultimately he is happier with the other woman so he doesn’t seem too upset anyway)
Her new hurrah with Kelsey, new start, new found happiness. Something to live for, someone to live with and begin something incredible. I liked that part.:)