Reviews for Ripple Effect
Guest chapter 8 . 5/5/2017
Great job, I wish it was finished but I have no hope that it will be after so long.
rAiNwAtEr1 chapter 8 . 3/9/2017
Chapter 8 review: I love these long interludes of Canaan's early life with Drogan. I don't think Conaan realizes how much he's grown on - and dare I say loved by - Drogan. I love this couple too! I hope this story isn't a tragedy, because if it is I'll need to end it here because I couldn't bare it. Please update soon !
rAiNwAtEr1 chapter 3 . 3/9/2017
Chapter 3 review: I think I'm beginning to love Trick beyond reason. Tallen fucking around behind Frost's back disgusts me.
Tuuli chapter 8 . 2/8/2017
I found this work two days ago and since then I have gotten so absorbed in the reading I haven't done much else. So if you have second thoughts about posting this here, know you have at least a one reader who don't give up on hope even if you take break of years to post more chapters.

This story is so different from anything else I have read. I love how you didn't give all the answers in the beginning. It felt like a detective work to understand what was going on but it was so worth it when everything started to make sense.

I'm so emotionally involved in Frost's life I want to see him happy at the end of all this. It was difficult because the parts I enjoyed the most were the cycle when Tallen and Frost met at the orphanage and I now know it will end badly. I haven't cried this much in a long time.

I'm still looking forward a lot. What exactly happens when Tallen dies at the orphanage cycle. How will it go when Frost meets Trick for the first time or will he ever. Are Frost and Tallen imprinted and why. So much questions but I hope your story answers them in the future. (This is the longest review I have ever written.)
Guest chapter 1 . 1/12/2017
Please don't stop posting this story, I love it!
Gweatherwax chapter 1 . 1/13/2017
Please keep posting, I love this story!
Asro chapter 1 . 12/27/2016
Oh hey! Look who I found! I'm happy to read your stories wherever they are!