Reviews for Home Care
DianyRdz chapter 7 . 8/23/2016
Whether it’s 2 years, 5 years, 20 years or even 30 years, if the connection and the love and the willingness to work towards being together is present, I think a couple should be together regardless of what society thinks.
So, they were both recovering from past demons in their lives while they themselves were indirectly demons of each other. Ouch. I mean recovering from that, how do you recover from that when you discover you may be attracted to what you are trying to overcome. Honestly, I think her moving out and getting away from living with Scott was more helpful to both of them because it taught both characters to be without one and work on themselves. Scott needed to come to terms with the accident and that he is still only 55 and has so much more to live. Christina as well, she realized she behaved incorrectly and she was in the wrong, she owns up to it. She, same as Scott, lost her loved one and she is making amends towards “redemption”. Scott on the other hand is facing himself against himself here. Is he a fool for letting Christina stay after all that she did? Is he wrong for feeling and reacting the way that he does towards Christina? It’s all natural and of course it would be understandable to question that as is he just lonely and wanting company or is there something more between them. That is obviously answered… Her coming back to him, even though it doesn’t show exactly what happened in the time she was away, I believe that it definitely brought back life and spirit to both of them. Great story as always Dill. :)