Reviews for God Calls
Starre of the Night chapter 1 . 9/10/2016
Wow. He is so lucky to have you communicating Him and His ideas to the world. I am not religious personally, but I know how much it means to people. This is a beautifully crafted poem about Him that does not involve anything but simple beleif, but goes so much deeper. God Bless.
Linvn89 chapter 1 . 8/30/2016
This is so beautiful and it warms my heart whenever someone else talks about our Lord like this because now a days no one really cares about religion anymore, especially the youth and younger generation.
'He is loving while we are hating'. This really captured me because it is so true, but luckily the moment we have received our Jesus in our heart, we also start to love and it is not just any love; it is heavenly love, the love the bible talks about.
'His love and forgiveness is a brand new start' is also very deep because I can speak from experience. I forgave someone who did me very wrong and the moment I forgave that person, I felt like a brand new person, I felt happy and alive, and that was the first time I could actually feel His love and it is unlike anything I have ever felt before.
You can be proud of this one because it is really good.