Reviews for The Return of Julius Tyler
DianyRdz chapter 8 . 9/6/2016
Girls...(and guys too because they do it too) We always go for the bad guy and we tend to idolize them - not them per say but an idea of them, a part of them or a glimpse of what we think we see in them that we fantasize to see it become reality and we get so caught up in it that we don't see the reality of our fantasy until it's too flipping late... Just something about them that draws us to them and even when we know others are right when sense is being talked into us, we get upset and we try to justify actions to fit into what we want.
Prudy knew that JT was probably getting "relief" elsewhere when she didn't put out and she felt guilty about it!? *insert face-palm emoji* and the bad thing is, like her, a lot of people fee guilty and think this is a way of life - "if only I had done so and so, he/she would still be here".. STOP! Know your self worth and respect yourself - both to guys and girls! Not judging anyone or anything because this is something I just recently got out of and rediscovered and I can't believe how I was so I know what Prudy went through and it's just like face-palm every time but in remembrance of what Bizz said, forgive others yes BUT we must learn to forgive our own selves always because if we don't, we'll always live with that little thought. It'd been a month since JT abused Prudy and he gets to get away with it. It had been a month since it happened and Prudy no longer felt safe, no longer felt her own self and the repercussions of abuse are too much to handle.
Bizz, I admire him. He stood by Prudy always, even when he was pushed away, even when he knew that she would end up hurt and could not do anything to stop it or prevent it, he stood by her. He literally loved her unconditionally, regardless of what happened to her or what she did. The end remains open but I think he helped Prudy come to terms with her abusers and through him and maybe some counseling, she is finally able to forgive herself.
She didn't ask for it to happen, never is it ok to do something like this. Nobody asked Prudy to do it for the sake repercussions of the event being cancelled but in her own self, she put others and everything before her own safety and that speaks highly of her. Which is ironic because she did something for the greater good of everyone and yet she was the only one that didn't get any benefit out of it - other than finally seeing JT for what he really was.
As always very nicely written story Dill.