Reviews for Cheering on Empty
DianyRdz chapter 7 . 11/8/2016
Cheering on empty. That is definitely what was going on here. Wilma was going with life but she wasn’t living life. It’s like she was going through the motions but not really feeling anything else other than anger and letting that cloud up everything in her life. Not condemning her leaving as it was her choice, not the best choice, but at least did make a choice. I think she was afraid most of all to be happy and to live life and then have life taken away from her like it happened with Charlie. Kind of crazy, her life and how she was afraid of trying and then things ending (which they did) yet she did the same thing to Paul when he tried and she left.
Sooo many warning bells went off in my head when she got her “second chance” at things. Like Whoa… This being said, I do understand how sometimes we let certain things happen without thinking them through. We just go with things without actually thinking of reason or logic and eek, it can be like “Did I really just do that?” Of course, (sometimes) it is always good to try and do without any inhibitions than to not do and live with the “what if’s” and “only if I had done or said” things of life. And then there is the whole perspective of people and how they view what Wilma did. It was wrong, definitely as it’s wrong to steal an identity but not only that, impersonating a student. Is she excused, no but from a third-party nothing to do with this story standpoint who only sees what she went through and her way of coping with things, one can see her doing what she did and how it’s a form of a coping mechanism of sort for her. She knew what she was doing was wrong yet could she stop? Thankfully, Paul was there. As always, he was the one thing that basically kept her anchored and grounded, kept her straight when she was all over the place. Very good read with this one.
zagato chapter 1 . 9/24/2016
I like this a lot and appreciate your stories.