Reviews for Curseborn
Safieri chapter 46 . 4/9
You made me cry. Again! It's okay, these were good tears. An epic fight that lives up to all the tension building and a satisfying final scene for the Witch of Wishes. Well done!
Last chapter was all about Jessam's transformation but this one showed Terl has grown so much! And we finally got to say goodbye to Heron. The dancing scene between Jessam and Terl was beautiful and moving but I'm so glad Heron had a chance to say goodbye to them too. I really hope the next update is soon because I doubt that island is going to fare well without Ophiant and what is Terl going to do about those...body modifications Ophiant made? And the others! We still don't know what happened to them!
Guest chapter 46 . 4/8
Yes! Ophiant's gone! And Jessam's ok! Terl's so amazing. I love him! But I am a bit concerned about him being stuck in Emalen's body. That's got to feel weird, so hopefully he is able to return to normal soon!
Guest chapter 46 . 4/7
And now I'm crying because of Ophiant! I didn't think that I could ever do that! What have you done to me?! This chapter hurt, but in a good way.

Terl is such a good person. Despite everything that Ophiant has done to him, Terl still is able to try and help Ophiant accept his death. I don't think that there will ever be any danger of Terl becoming sick and twisted like Ophiant.

I'm so glad that Jessam is ok and that Terl got the chance to speak with Heron one last time! I'm glad that things are getting resolved, but I really don't want this story to end! I love it too much!
Guest chapter 45 . 3/29
I'm getting flashbacks to the chapter of the big battle. After Alisdair got stabbed, I kept saying to myself that it looked bad but I shouldn't jump to conclusions. I was sure that he would be fine. But he wasn't. Now I'm experiencing the same thing for Jessam. I really hope that it doesn't end up the same way. I mean, I'm so glad that Terl is back! But I can't really celebrate until I know that Jessam is ok
Guest chapter 45 . 3/25
This chapter was so great, I've already read it four times!

I'm really glad that my prediction about Emalen turned out to be true! It's amazing that you write characters so well, so that I was able to understand the real Emalen's character so well in just one chapter! And the fact that Ophiant's idea of Emalen is that she is nothing more than a simpering fool really emphasizes how creepy and messed up that Ophiant is. But even so, a tiny part of me does feel pity for him (which is more evidence of your amazing ability to write believable characters!)

When Ophiant and Emalen... did, gross! No thanks! That was disgusting! I feel so bad for poor Jessam and Renna having to witness that! And I sincerely hope that Terl has no memory of that happening, because I'm sure that he would feel violated if he knew that Ophiant touched his body in that way.

I'm so thankful that Terl has returned! And I love that the first thing he does is casually throwing Ophiant down the stairs! Jessam really tried his best to get Terl back, It was so moving. Thinking about Jessam's determination in this chapter makes my eyes prickle with tears. And poor Renna must be feeling really helpless right now. I really hope that in some way, Terl is able to save Jessam. Ophiant was able to bring Terl back to life earlier, so maybe now Terl is finally strong enough to do something similar? While I didn't want Jessam to be in a world without Terl, I certainly don't want Terl to be in a world without Jessam. I feel nervous about the next chapter...
Safieri chapter 45 . 3/24
And now I'm crying at work and it's all your fault! Please please please please please don't let this end in tragedy! You make me care about this characters so much then horrible things happen to them. ( ̩̩̩̩͒ ͒) Jessam's actions weren't in vain but Terl better save him and everyone else! He turned Terl into a doll (that was a brilliant idea, btw). That goes beyond creepy into realms I don't want to think about...ewwww
Guest chapter 45 . 3/24
Ugh, Ophiant, why? I knew that Emalen wasn't right. Her character was just as Jessam has described, like a broken mirror that hadn't been put back together correctly. Though I fear that Jessam may been gone for good, I'm glad his words were able to reach Terl.

I can't wait to see a nice showdown between Terl and Ophiant! He's grown so much magic wise, and with Ophiant distraught over Emalen, he might really stand a chance of defeating him. I'm a little sad that the story is coming to an end, but it was a fun, wild ride the whole way through!

Speaking of the final showdown, I hope Kestral, Kahar, and the others are alright. Hopefully, they too will come to Jessam's rescue!
Guest chapter 44 . 3/17
I can't believe that there are only four more chapters to go!

This was a great chapter! I was a bit worried that Jessam would accept Owl's offer, but I'm glad that he didn't! But I do wonder if Jessam's answer would have changed if it was the real Heron. I don't think Heron would ever allow a situation to exist where Jessam is forced to choose between him and Terl, but it's interesting to think about how Jessam would react. I can't help but notice that the way in which Jessam thinks of Heron seems more romanticized than the way in which he thinks of Terl. But I think the same can be said about the different ways that Terl thinks of Jessam and Heron. Maybe it has something to do with Heron not being human. He reminds me of a fairy tale, so maybe Jessam and Terl sort of associate him with similar things and imagery.

I'm looking forward to Jessam's rescue of Terl! I hope that he can do it!
LaChiffon chapter 44 . 3/13
I love Ophiant's dolls (especially Owl & Peacock~). It's great to see them in the story again.

Just when I was beginning to think Heron was gone forever, he pops up in the story as one of Jessam's enemies! I'm glad that Jessam didn't fall for Owl's trick. I would have been a bit upset if he chose a copy of Heron over Terl. I actually wonder if it would be possible for Jessam to make a wish with Ophiant to have Terl back (I doubt Ophiant would grant such a wish, but it's an interesting thought).

I hope Ophiant hasn't been doing anything gross with Emalen since she is in Terl's body and Terl may still be somewhere in there. I have a feeling that the Emalen he brought back might not be the same as the one who died too.
Guest chapter 44 . 3/13
I feel really bad for not commenting in a while, but I've finally caught back up.

Scratch what I said about Ophiant being a creepy, prettied up lich thing. He's just a super butthurt NEET who really misses his waifu and really hates the world of aura for taking her. One that just happens to all skin, bone, sand, and make-up (seriously, I really hope he and "Emalen" haven't done much... Ew).

Alisdair got good development and a great conclusion IMO. What he did was monstrous, but understandable. And in the end, he wasn't a good person (too much blood on his hands), but he was heroic and a good brother. It was sudden, but it felt right. Jessam's (not quite) reconciliation with Teresa was great.

Rhynan. I was really, really torn about him for a while. I couldn't decide if he was a decent, but incredibly bookish and odd, guy thrust unwillingly into a role that didn't suit him or if there was something darker to his character. I'm glad to see it was more so the first option, and I really loved his interactions with Terl. That said, I'm still unsure if he's suited to be king (look, I'm just really rooting for Kestral and Aramy to the end, I can't help it).

As for those two, what can I say? I still adore their characters. Aramy is just the best. No matter what he does, I love him. Kestral too. The way they shaped up and handled the alliance and the battles were great. Kestral once again showing what an absolute bro and badass he is in this chapter is all I expected and more. They seriously steal the show every time their alone, let alone together.

Dracen, and more so Illya, have also be contentious characters in my eyes. They still are. I like them, always have, but am also still pretty frustrated with them. That said, they've been taking good steps in the right direction. Dracen has wised up a bit, putting aside tradition in favor of doing what's necessary. Illya has at least partially put aside his hypocritical behavior for the same reasons. Every time they interact with Kestral and Aramy, I'm frustrated, but enthralled. I think the four really need to sit down and have a few drinks and angry drunk arguments.

The supporting cast, like Renna and the two mercenaries. Again, they've developed wonderfully. Amani and Kahar are great, I love their relationship, and they - practically nobodies - have been such a driving force in the fate of the nation. Renna too, though I still feel bad for her. Unrequited love is quite the widespread fate, it seems.

Finally, Jessam and Terl. And Heron. The two boys have grown so much. It's unbelievable. Jessam has seriously grown into his own person, and isn't just a walking caricature of bravado who tries to hard to prove himself. Terl too, has really matured - the sacrifice he made shows just how much he loves everyone, and how far he's willing to go. Even Ophiant was caught off guard. The Heron doll was a cruel twist, but one that left me with some hope (even though it's quite dim) that the three will somehow be reunited before the end.

Sorry for the overly long comment, it's been a few months and I needed to compensate! I can't wait to see how things play out from here. Even after Ophiant is dealt with (somehow), there's still plenty of drama for the rest of the cast to deal with.
Guest chapter 44 . 3/13
I'mglad that Jessam has such good friends! After the last chapter, I was a bit worried about his relationship with Kestrel. In Kestrel's eyes, protecting Aramy is the most important thing so I was worried that he wasn't able to consider Jessam's perspective. But I'm glad that they came to an understanding! Especially considering how Jessam just lost his biological brother, it would be pretty heartbreaking if his relationship with Kestrel, a person that has been a big brother-like figure in his life, was destroyed.

I was a bit worried about Heron's return! But it was obvious to me that he wasn't the real Heron because the real Heron wouldn't be pointing that scythe at Jessam, he would be helping him to rescue Terl! It took a while for Jessam to realise that too, but I'm sure the shock of seeing the person that he loved brought back to life was probably making it difficult to think clearly. But I was a bit worried, so I'm glad that he came to his senses and made the right decision!

Now onward to rescuing Terl! ...That is, if Terl can actually be rescued. It's going to be real shattering if after coming all this way, it's too late to rescue Terl. I really hope that's not the case!
Guest chapter 43 . 3/9
Ophiant is so creepy! I hate it when he puts his hands on Terl. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! And he's really delusion if he believes that power would be reward enough that Terl would agree to become Emalen. He really has no idea of who Terl really is!

Poor Jessam. I'm glad that he has snapped out of his grief. But will that last if he fails to rescue Terl? I'm glad that he doesn't have to attempt to fight Ophiant alone, but I was really surprised that Ilya wanted to come along! Considering how difficult it was for Jessam to beat him, I'm sure that Ilya will be a very valuable ally.
Guest chapter 43 . 3/6
I almost cried reading that first part! I don't want Terl to disappear, I adore him too much!

Jessam's reaction was just as heart-breaking as I thought it would be, but Rhynan being on the receiving end of Jessam's self-loathing! But I'm glad to see that Jessam's snapped back into action mode! After his brother's death, Jessam seemed to have given-up so I was worried, but it seems that he's still got some hope left!

Emalen is very interesting... in that brief moment of dialogue she had, she didn't seem to speaking like she usually would. She seemed almost brain-washed. Does that mean that she wasn't as cooperative as Ophiant was hoping? Or is it that Ophiant wasn't really able to bring her back? I mean, I imagine it would be pretty difficult to bring-back somebody that died a couple of hundred years ago! It almost seems that Ophiant has taken Terl's body and turned him into another one of his dolls. But maybe Terl has really become Emalen. It's hard to know from that short bit of dialogue, but I can't wait to find out!
LaChiffon chapter 43 . 3/5
Looks like the gang's back together & ready to rescue Terl! Jessam has lost just about everything at this point, so hopefully they're successful. If Terl really is gone forever, at least Jessam still has Amani, Kahar, and Renna for support.
Guest chapter 42 . 2/28
I'm really worried about what will happen next. I'm glad that Aramy has Kestrel to support him. But Jessam has lost Heron, his brother and now Terl. How is he going to survive that? And Terl has foolishly sacrificed himself and Ophiant will transform him into Emalen. I hope that Ophiant is stopped somehow! But at the moment everything seems pretty bleak. I can't help but wonder, would Emalen even want to be brought into this world that Ophiant is creating?
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