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LaChiffon chapter 48 . 6/7
I'm speechless...This has been an amazing journey. Curseborn is probably my favorite of your works so far! I just love all of the characters, the exploration of magic, the themes, setting, and sense of adventure. Ophiant was also a fantastic villain.

This was honestly a wonderful read and I'm glad I was able to be here from the beginning to experience every twist and turn.

Terl maintaining his new form was definitely unexpected, but a welcomed twist and I'm not surprised he was able to accept and adapt to it. In fact, I was more worried that Jessam would no longer be interested in him, but I should've known that wouldn't be the case.

Aramy finally has the throne, so I wonder if we'll get to see him in action as the new king in any of the upcoming stories in this universe. I can't wait to read whatever you have planned next!
whoz.ella chapter 48 . 5/26
Thank you for sharing the story with us. Beautifully written and great characters...
Guest chapter 48 . 5/26
What a perfect ending to an amazing story!
I really love all of these characters and I'm so glad that I got the chance to read about them.
Aramy's got his crown, Renna's ready for more adventure, Amani and Kahar can now live without worry and best of all, Terl and Jessam can be happy together!
This is a really special story. I can't wait to see what you come-up with next!
Guest chapter 48 . 5/20
I'm so happy that everyone's happy an now i'm crying again

Renna is such a good friend and i'm glad that Terl was able to adapt to his new body.

I'm so sad that it's finally reached the end! I loved every word of this story and now I kind of don't know what I'm going to do with the rest of my life. I guess that I'll just have to read it again and again and again until the published version of Alone, Together is ready.

Thank you so much for sharing this! You are my favorite writer and I can't wait to see what you'll do next!
deverjeefem16 chapter 1 . 5/19
He sounds pretty over powered. I feel like those sorcerers who helped kenstral with the meditation and all that could help him.
TimeSquare chapter 1 . 5/19
*ment to say Anticipation from the magus series instead of Pet and his Duke (went back and realized I referenced the wrong work )

Please treat yo self to something btw bcuz u deserve it
TimeSquare chapter 47 . 5/19
Just spent the last nine hours reading this. My first time reading I actually dropped it after the first chapter .I guess that's because I thought the next book would also be about Aramy and he wasn't the main focus. Numerous months later, I found you all over again on ao3, I think Pet and his Duke? And I couldn't help feel this sense of deja vu as I still remmebered this universe and its terms. You mentioned fiction press on one of your chapters and I immediately went here.

I gave this book another chance and I can't believe how wrong I was. I fell in love with this book and is my favorite so far ( will def keep an open mind and check out ur other works). It's refreshing to see POC and diverse charectars where skin color isnt a major factor. It's just a part of them and the fact this world was diverse was also a factor that spurred me into reading. The world building is so rememberable that I unconsciously have used it as a standard for other works.

Usually in changing P.O.V's I usually look forward to a certain person and than not the rest. This was not the case with this work as each switched simply got me more excited as you developed the layers of the story. You gave characters P.O.V's that I wouldn't even have co sidered such as Alenoia (idk if ik spelling that right, the Kings minstra ) which made me fully appreciate the charectars. I could fully see the frustrations and love which built tension in the story as I could relate to both sides now. I hope your in the theme park industry becusse you are out here creating emotional rollercoasters.

To be honest, I was shipping Terl and Jess from the start. So admittly I hated the fact that Heron was the one they loved, like no, love each other plz. I was on the down low happy when he died. His death also made me see why Terl and Jess liked him and how I tottaly would ship these three in a polymerous relationship made out of badassery and fluff. Funfact, I didn't notice that all the dolls were named after birds till about chapter 40, that was an obvious realization on my part haha.

I guess the last thing I will say is that I always made sure to read you authors comments because it would reveal more behind the inner workings of the story. Idk who u r but I wish the best in your job and can't wait for the last chapter! Actually created an account (lost my old one a long time ago) and wanted to make sure I followed you. Thanks for the ride of this emtional rollercoaster. :)
Guest chapter 47 . 5/9
Aramy was really worrying me in this chapter. I was worried that he was going to destroy his relationship with Jessam. I'm glad that Jessam tried to find a solution that would work for both sides. It seems like the sort of plan that Terl would think of! The only thing to worry about is the reaction of Ilya and Dracen. I hope that they don't get too angry with Rhynan
LaChiffon chapter 47 . 5/1
Ahh it seems like everything is wrapping up nicely! I found Jessam and Aramy's heart to heart discussion great and I'm glad there's a way to resolve this whole conflict over the throne without a lot of bloodshed. I wonder how Dracen and Illya would take the knowledge of Rhynan's abdication, though...probably not well. I just hope Terl will be able to regain his original body in the end.
Guest chapter 47 . 4/30
This reminded me of the scene where they were escaping from the temple and had leave Heron's lifeless body behind :( I'm glad that Jessam didn't have to let go of Terl this time.

I was a bit surprised by Aramy's plan. I shouldn't have been though, because it is obviously the sort of thing that Aramy would think of! I think that it was because I had assumed that because Aramy is so good at reading people and manipulating them, he had become aware of Jessam's growing feelings for Terl well before Jessam was aware of them himself. But I was wrong! I think that love is something Aramy will always be a little bit mystified by. I was surprised that learning of Jessam's feelings for Terl was enough to make Aramy wait for Terl to wake-up because Aramy is usually relentlessly focused on his goals. But I guess that he always has had a bit of a soft spot for Jessam

I'm so glad that Jessam told Rhynan to live for himself! I thought that Terl would be the one to do that, but having Jessam do it was a nice surprise. Now they can all be friends and live happily ever after! Terl just needs to wake-up first.

Now I'll eagerly wait for the next chapter and simultaneously dread the conclusion of this story!
Safieri chapter 46 . 4/9
You made me cry. Again! It's okay, these were good tears. An epic fight that lives up to all the tension building and a satisfying final scene for the Witch of Wishes. Well done!
Last chapter was all about Jessam's transformation but this one showed Terl has grown so much! And we finally got to say goodbye to Heron. The dancing scene between Jessam and Terl was beautiful and moving but I'm so glad Heron had a chance to say goodbye to them too. I really hope the next update is soon because I doubt that island is going to fare well without Ophiant and what is Terl going to do about those...body modifications Ophiant made? And the others! We still don't know what happened to them!
Guest chapter 46 . 4/8
Yes! Ophiant's gone! And Jessam's ok! Terl's so amazing. I love him! But I am a bit concerned about him being stuck in Emalen's body. That's got to feel weird, so hopefully he is able to return to normal soon!
Guest chapter 46 . 4/7
And now I'm crying because of Ophiant! I didn't think that I could ever do that! What have you done to me?! This chapter hurt, but in a good way.

Terl is such a good person. Despite everything that Ophiant has done to him, Terl still is able to try and help Ophiant accept his death. I don't think that there will ever be any danger of Terl becoming sick and twisted like Ophiant.

I'm so glad that Jessam is ok and that Terl got the chance to speak with Heron one last time! I'm glad that things are getting resolved, but I really don't want this story to end! I love it too much!
Guest chapter 45 . 3/29
I'm getting flashbacks to the chapter of the big battle. After Alisdair got stabbed, I kept saying to myself that it looked bad but I shouldn't jump to conclusions. I was sure that he would be fine. But he wasn't. Now I'm experiencing the same thing for Jessam. I really hope that it doesn't end up the same way. I mean, I'm so glad that Terl is back! But I can't really celebrate until I know that Jessam is ok
Guest chapter 45 . 3/25
This chapter was so great, I've already read it four times!

I'm really glad that my prediction about Emalen turned out to be true! It's amazing that you write characters so well, so that I was able to understand the real Emalen's character so well in just one chapter! And the fact that Ophiant's idea of Emalen is that she is nothing more than a simpering fool really emphasizes how creepy and messed up that Ophiant is. But even so, a tiny part of me does feel pity for him (which is more evidence of your amazing ability to write believable characters!)

When Ophiant and Emalen... did, gross! No thanks! That was disgusting! I feel so bad for poor Jessam and Renna having to witness that! And I sincerely hope that Terl has no memory of that happening, because I'm sure that he would feel violated if he knew that Ophiant touched his body in that way.

I'm so thankful that Terl has returned! And I love that the first thing he does is casually throwing Ophiant down the stairs! Jessam really tried his best to get Terl back, It was so moving. Thinking about Jessam's determination in this chapter makes my eyes prickle with tears. And poor Renna must be feeling really helpless right now. I really hope that in some way, Terl is able to save Jessam. Ophiant was able to bring Terl back to life earlier, so maybe now Terl is finally strong enough to do something similar? While I didn't want Jessam to be in a world without Terl, I certainly don't want Terl to be in a world without Jessam. I feel nervous about the next chapter...
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