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BoDown chapter 27 . 11/20/2017
Hello don't know if I the first to say this or not after reading the chapter desided to immediately leave a comment (sorry those who posted beforehand didn't read your posts [all seriousness I was going to save it for the end to give my impression of the story as a whole] was in to much of a hurry) that's how much this chapter was able to invoke a emotional response from me (good job) a masterful stroke building up a connection [relationship] to the characters then bringing them to a true hardship well done and expecting a continued enjoyable read ([all so hopping for more twists])

seriously he did cry
The ([])is to represent multiple thoughts
how did it turn out?
Thank you
Willie Jackson chapter 35 . 8/2/2017
My friend, i have to say that i thoroughly enjoyed this story from start to finish - led to a few late nights. The way your characters stayed consistent is good yet they developed throughout the story is commendable. I saw from the jump that Zoe would be the one to save the day against that Robert Beel character and i liked the way you rolled your villain out - through harmless pranks and the way the hexagon beat out the security exposing holes in their methods. Ultimately, you've proven my point that sometimes, students these days know more than the adults and are capable of being great leaders.

Although, i hoped that Dawn would mellow out a bit with her narcissistic attitude always wanting to be the best at everything and not upstaging her fellow hexagon members in their affinities but i see what you were getting at with the way the group stayed together through their classes; it would've made more sense to have the group together for a few of the classes (Druidism and Transmutation for example) and then let the group go their own path and explore their own affinities only coming together when necessary.

Although, i like that Dawn and Zoe were in Offensive Magic but i saw it for different reasons based on how the story played out. For Dawn, she needed a class like that to knock her ego down a couple of pegs and put her in check; the chick couldn't battle worth a damn but she's a good leader. For Zoe, the opposite is true: she needed a class like this to help bolster her confidence as a person and friend which ultimately played out in the battle against Robert Beel. There is a saying i heard once upon a time based on Zoe's actions in the Beel battle: A sword in the hand of the truly courageous becomes a sword of fury, laying waste to all in its path. I know that weapons weren't used in the battle but based on the mode Zoe went into when she pounded Beel, it seems to fit.

I don't know what to make of Tom; he's definitely Dawn's opposite in personality but they go good together. I'm surprised that you didn't let Daniel do Mage Ball but you have your reasons and i respect that. Henry, well, i don't know what to say. You can't stay a slacker forever. I think Andrielle and Heidi should've been more involved in the story in my opinion; it would've added a different dynamic and built a system of allies around them that could've watched the hexagon's back. Jody on the other hand, just stick her and Master Vacio into a phone booth with about ten or twenty dark wizards and they'll win no questions asked.

Master Vacio is my favorite character in this story; his methods are crude yet practical. He's unafraid to push his students to be their best though his tactics are questionable Unlike Professor Wright who creeps me the hell out and I don't scare easily. The other teachers are okay but i wish they had more . . . input and more chances to reveal themselves through their lessons although i think Victor got a bad shake in the deal - poor guy.

All in all, i say well done. You created a story that took readers to a place where all is possible with a little hard work, a little luck, and a strong group of friends that grow on each other. Can't wait to read more from you.
Kregard chapter 35 . 4/25/2017
It is as close to a natural ending as you will get. Most of the characters issues points have been addressed. The only thing that really left me wondering is what actually happened to Zoe that made her this way. The whole soccer ordeal was never actually explained unless I missed it.

Like you said there are plenty of ways to move forward if you wanted to continue this story. From sub arcs to sequels.
Kregard chapter 14 . 4/4/2017
The White Horse and the Pale Horse are two different horseman. The White Horse is heralded as the horseman of conquest and the Pale Horse is the horseman of death. When Daniel mentions this at the beginning of the chapter, "The White Rider!" and then goes to say "that makes sense, the pale rider is death after all" threw me for a loop for a second.
Guest chapter 35 . 3/23/2017
This was a great story with excellent character development. However you should reread your work before posting it to avoid switching the word order in your sentences and other minor mistakes.
Thanks for providing an entertaining story.
Wannawrite chapter 35 . 2/9/2017
I just realized I didn't talk about the ending which I attribute to me reading 35 b4 34. This definitely was an interesting read. I loved how every character came alive and had personalities and motivations. The ending something I was not expecting but I understand why you ended it here. It is a good spot to end it. Are you making a sequel?
Wannawrite chapter 34 . 2/2/2017
Thanks for the chapter! I read 35 then realized I hadn't read 34 buahahaha
Guest chapter 35 . 1/31/2017
This was a fun read. I like the way you made so much stuff fit in such a short time frame.
As it's been said, you could clearly make a sequel -you have alot of things to build on- but I found it satisfiing as a stand alone. I can apreciate the picture you've drawn about the begining of this hexagon : it was creative and entertaining.
Tanks for your time,

readingchameleon chapter 35 . 1/26/2017
Hey there!

I can't believe we've reached the end of this book already. For the past week or so this book alone has single-handedly provided me enough reading material for all my bus journeys O.o

Anyway, I've loved this story. The depth of character, the details that have gone into the world that you've built, it's amazing stuff! This does feel like a good enough place to stop. This last chapter feels like an epilogue of sorts after the end of this story-arc.

However, I do feel like there's still a _ton_ of potential here. Our hexagon friends haven't been at Harbridge very long yet, and still have yet to learn the magic exclusive to hexagons (again, I can't remember specifics here - it was mentioned somewhere near the beginning of the story I think. Personally, I'm really hoping for a sequel! It would be a real shame if you didn't expand on this some more.

I love what you've done with the elevators especially. Being able to talk? Having their own union? Brilliant! It adds that extra touch to an already good story.
Sepherohth chapter 35 . 1/25/2017
Well, I'll say, it wasn't abrupt, kinda imagined it was almost done, however I did want to see henry's date XD that's the only cliffhanger in my opinion that'll bug me.
And yeah it was awesome, I'm so totally looking for a sequel. You did an awesome job and thank you for sharing it with us.
the aspiring cynic chapter 35 . 1/25/2017
It seems like a natural ending for an arc - not so much the overall story. There are a lot of questions left unanswered - namely Henry (and partially Tom's) storyline. I can see how others would think this is a rather abrupt ending but it leaves plenty of room for you to pick up where you left off. Endings should never completely answer everything - there should be some mystery (or something). The gift-exchange and cards really seem to highlight the interactions of the hexagon and how far they've come from their previous school. I'm still a little disappointed in the lack of development of Dawn's character but I am overall satisfied and greatly enjoyed the story you've shared with us. Keep up the good work - it will be interesting to see what you write next.
Sepherohth chapter 34 . 1/24/2017
Man this was an awesome chapter. And I'm loving this new side of Zoe as well, henry kind of feels...different I guess. I mean it's obvious... But it just feels kinda random.
Nonetheless awesome chapter and I like Tom's solution, I didn't think of that really.
the aspiring cynic chapter 34 . 1/24/2017
I really liked how you handled Tom's decision regarding his father. Henry is still doing an admirable job at turning over a new leaf though you can still tell he's still all Henry. I thoroughly enjoyed the Dean - he seems like one of the more reasonable adults in this world. The bit about the elevators having a union made me laugh - though it does explain that the fact that the Dean didn't immediately know about them breaking curfew when they went to confront the White Rider.

Looking forward to seeing Dawn grow up a bit more though she seemed a bit tamer in this chapter? Likely due to the praise from the Dean? Thanks for writing.
Sepherohth chapter 33 . 1/24/2017
Wow... Intense, super intense. Didn't expect it to go that far. So anyways, I'm not sure if this is going to be a big deal with the university considering medical magic is pretty much Godlike. But this was a very good chapter, I suppose dawn oughta learn a lesson from this.
Wannawrite chapter 33 . 1/23/2017
What? I barely remeber that even happening?! That boy got some screws lose. Haha, I didnt expect Zoe to finish it up. she finally found that brevery huh? NICE!
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