Reviews for Crimson Wolves
CrimsonBlade21 chapter 46 . 6/24/2018
This is INTENSE! It seems like every chapter gets more and more suspenseful. But who is that pale dude. Anyway your build-up to these moments is very nice. I just hope that by the end of all this, someone will get their happy ending. (P.S. nice work with those Roman numeral page breaks)
CrimsonBlade21 chapter 45 . 6/18/2018
Hope these marines rescue Rene and Carl. But I got confused during the part where Saito is watching her people get killed. Was that a flashback or wasbit happening in real time?
CrimsonBlade21 chapter 44 . 6/10/2018
Carl should have stayed put! Now everybody's going to die! You really know how to use suspence, huh? I hope no one else dies...
CrimsonBlade21 chapter 43 . 6/4/2018
Petra dies too! No! Aw man, that's not fair. But I guess it makes some sense for her character arc. She completed her mission and hopefully everything will work out okay.
CrimsonBlade21 chapter 42 . 5/18/2018
Jeez, Szu is ruthless. I'm interested in finding out more about this promise he made. Word of advice, when you switch a narrative maybe it would nice if you added some kind of symbol or break line to show it. The switch from Illien to Emily was kind of confusing at first. Also, Szu's line about if there were more people to Illien is written backwards. Great chapter and I can't wait to see more!
CrimsonBlade21 chapter 41 . 5/14/2018
Aw man, not Erik! He was growing on me. I'm glad you didn't kill Illien though, thought he was a goner. But that last scene was powerful, especially the last line. Still need to process what just happenedl
CrimsonBlade21 chapter 40 . 5/7/2018
No! This is horrible! Someone better start making a dramatic entrance the next chapter! Rhodes is really growing on me and I hope he doesn't get his fingers chopped off.
CrimsonBlade21 chapter 39 . 5/1/2018
I would think that Hashan's pirate crew would be easy pickings for Rebellion army, even half of a army. Hasan must have a massive fleet. But I like how you wrote Saito's narrative. It feels very realistic for a commander in a an army.
CrimsonBlade21 chapter 38 . 4/23/2018
I am really glad that Carl is still alive. Hope the same can be said for Illien and Emily. Should have known Hashan would pull something like that. Rescue missions never go as planned...
CrimsonBlade21 chapter 37 . 4/16/2018
Jeez, that was intense. I can't further tell you how good you are at writing this story. I liked how you made me feel some of the emotions that Petra felt. Like the rule, "Show, don't Tell", you showed the scenery and actions without having to explain everything. Really want to see what Petra saw in that map though. :)
CrimsonBlade21 chapter 36 . 4/10/2018
Odeilla is back! And taking charge too. This is a different character from what I saw when I was first introduced to her. I like how you contrast that with this chapter. It is good to see a writer who can handle character development.
CrimsonBlade21 chapter 35 . 3/30/2018
The tension and suspense is real! Hope Illien's plan works. Carl and Emily probably don't have enough time.
CrimsonBlade21 chapter 34 . 3/10/2018
Wow. I can really feel Carl's fear. I'm sure anyone would he afraid in his position. But I have to give him credit for holding out so long. That pirate is insane.
CrimsonBlade21 chapter 33 . 2/18/2018
So if I'm reading this correctly, the crew of the Crimson Wolf are going to try and get to the moon before the rebellion to rescue Carl and Emily. But will they still use Emily to save all of the remaining rebels from that horrible desease that has infected them all? Well, things don't look good, but I hope they can make it out of this one alive.
CrimsonBlade21 chapter 32 . 1/31/2018
This has to be my favorite chapter yet! I could feel the excitement growing with this story! Saito's speech was very inspiring as well! I like how you have been building up her anger and fire since the first time we met her. That really made the speech feel natural to me.
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