Reviews for Ditto
DianyRdz chapter 6 . 11/8/2016
Everyone comes back to Hillsboro Some for pleasure, some begrudgingly, some for the sake of others and others are simply new in town. It’s a pity that we let ourselves become so engrossed in getting out of a town and and accomplish it yet turn bitter at the event of having to move back. Sure, while I’ve not been in the situation, I do understand the frustration of thinking all the hard work and everything that was worked hard for, to be just down the drain because of a move back but thinking positively… He has a stable job, he has a home to live comfortably (in the event that the house is kept up), he has family there, and while its not the most perfect arrangement, there are so many more pros than cons to it. Its so sad to see a person become so depressed in mourning whether it’s for a person, a life, a job, a relationship that they lose sight of everything. Luckily for him, Ditto was always there (coincidentally enough, there is a dancer named Dytto – her Barbie dance routine and how peppy she is all the time reminds me of this story’s Ditto). It always just takes the right person and some time and they will (eventually) always come back to a way of normalcy. :)