Reviews for 2016 US Election outcome
Tina chapter 1 . 11/17/2016
I've read this and I'm sorry you feel this way. i wished there had been a more obvious fitting choice for presidency but unfortunately we haven't had that in years. Yes, Obama included , too. I voted for him and I feel the Democratic Party has failed me in my opinion. That's the same reason why many of the ones who supported Obama in 2012 voted for Trump. As a mixed black/Filipino woman, I do not feel threatened in this country with Trump as president. And I know many more minorities of other races, gender and religion who feel the same. I think that the media had the power to manipulate minds during this election especially the younger generation. The hate came from both sides but look who is rioting throughout the streets. Hillary Supporters. They have made Trump into this massive Hitler when I don't feel like he is as horrible as they portray. So all I am asking is to please research more and take a deeper look at both Hilary and Donald Trumo's policies. It will help you have a more informed opinion. I am not the best educated on both sides but as I looked at the problems America faces in a more wider scope, I realized that Trump's view on how we should approach them is much closer to mine than Hilary's. I don't know if how much you are into politics but it seems like many people just blindly support Hilary because of what's said about Trump on Tumblr or Twitter. They will say he is a racist even though he was talking about illegals being rapists. Which is a very dramatic exaggeration but if you look, it is a very big deal. The illegal immigration has brought very concerning crime and girls are being raped at the border. Why do feminist not care about this problem? Why do they not care about what's going on in the Middle East but target Trump? He has done some bad things and he isn't perfect in speech but now that he is elected, I think he will listen to our issues. As a woman, I simply cannot vote for someone who justifies Bill Clinton's actions, lies and is corrupt. People in my family are veterans and they were scared of what Hilary would do. But people are put in an echo chamber and will think that Hilary is a total Saint compared to Trump when she really isn't. Plus, you bring up that Trump is not LGBT but I am pretty sure that Hilary has just recently began supporting the community, beforehand she completely rejected the notion of same-sex marriage. she makes many empty promises, acting as if she will stand for the minority or LGBT communities, only to get the vote. She treats her supporters as crap. She has not done nothing significant for me in her time as politician.

I feel sorry for the Muslim community too. The radicals and extremists are the issue. When they take a religion too far and promote violence, that is an issue. It's really sad that it has to be this way but we must address this issue somehow. Orlando , 9/11,'s awful. My friends in Europe were scared for their life. We have to prevent this kind of terrorism from ruining our country. I ask you this: what approach should we take to these issues of immigration and terrorism? How can we do this while providing jobs for actual American citizens when there is an issue of illegal immigrants taking these jobs? Hilary thinks the solution is globalism but it simply would not work as some fairy tale where every country works together in harmony and will always cooperate.

Trump won the electoral votes and was even leading in the popular vote until he was official elected. It was only then that Hilary started winning in the popular vote. This is fair and square winning as Trump got to the finish line first. Is he a perfect candidate? Hell no, he is unpredictable. But compared to Hilary? No. The democratic has made too many promises they cannot keep. Look at the state of our country with unemployment and race relations.

Please hear out others regardless of race or gender. Not every minority feels like their life is threatened or hates Trump. Not every Muslim feels as if that Hilary will do better for our country (look at Israel's response to Trump's win, also there is a YouTube video of an Indian woman speaker who talked about these problems, facts and all )Not every black person thinks the BLM is good for the black community. Not ever white person who voted for Trump is a white supremacist. Voting for Trump does not mean you hate Muslims, all illegals or what not. If you had a conversation with a civil Trump supporter or watched a video, you will see more of our perspective and reasons why Trump won other than 'OOH, white America.' We should listen to everyone. I want to talk with Hilary supporters without the insults or playing the victim always with the only arguments being 'you're a cuck' or 'you're a racist' (alt-left or alt-right, all is bad). Some Hilary supporters are out there rioting through cities and ATTACKING people because of this election. But Trump supporters are all bad? See through the hypocrisy of the party you support because they preach about loving each other and freedom but once something doesn't go their way, they throw a tantrum and act with hatred and spread a bad mentality. This is not them spreading their voices, this is ignorance and plain violence. So I thank you for writing this perspective and I hope you explore the perspective of good Trump supporters who want America to be a safer and better place for everyone who doesn't want to harm it for others, regardless of race, gender or religion.
Guest chapter 1 . 11/13/2016
I could almost stomach trump if he wasn't such a liar. He claims to be anti-establishment but the minute he steps put of line with the republucans in the senate etc, he'll be impeached. And the world will laugh it's arse off.
Poor U.S.A.