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Guest chapter 23 . 10/18/2021
Personally I loved the build up. But I also always prefer a story with solid character development over a story filled to the brim with smut at the cost of getting to know the characters.

The downside is that I’m super attached to the characters now and am really afraid for them…it’s so interesting reading POVs from both the British and the Powhatan. The white men are entitled to their grief and anger…but I also understand why the Powhatans did what they did and if anyone has a right to their anger, I’d say it’s the Native Americans. . Not to mention, I know what happens to the Powhatan people, historically, so my natural inclination is to want them to have the upper hand in this story. I don’t want Alice and Sarah to return to the colony, but I especially don’t want their lovers to get murdered. Gahhhhh! The trepidation is REAL, let me tell you.
Guest chapter 10 . 10/17/2021
“She had a very pretty voice.”


You’re killing me with this story. Where is the crying emoji with its heart being stabbed repeatedly with a knife when you need it!?

For some reason I am unable to login to my account from my phone. But I’m one of your A03 readers (NiniJune) and I just can’t stop binging these new stories that I didn’t know existed until a few days ago.

Sometimes when I’m emotional..I like to watch this scene in Last of the Mohicans (specifically Alice and Uncas )

I know it’s a different setting and a different tribe…but reading this story feels like I’m reading an in depth AU version of Alice and Uncas and I am just…gorging myself on it. I can’t get enough.

The level of research you must’ve done for all of your historical fictions is BEYOND IMPRESSIVE. I already knew I loved your other works but I’m equally as in love with these! You’re…a fucking bad ass. Not that I didn’t already know that. But, holy shit. I keep finding myself perpetually blown away… by the range of your work… and all the little details…and the depth of your world-building… and the character development…it’s SO impressive, I find myself at a loss for words.
ATK chapter 42 . 8/9/2021
I hate Sarah and Ahote needs to come around, please. Please please update, please
ATK chapter 40 . 8/9/2021
Also I hate Sarah for stealing Alice's baby
ATK chapter 38 . 8/9/2021
I hate Alice's sense of duty to her faith, like leaving behind a child that's just- no words- at least she finds out about the attack this way
ATK chapter 37 . 8/9/2021
I actually hate this. Why is Alice being such a fucking dumbass I hate her but I need Hassun to be happy so please let them be together.
ATK chapter 36 . 8/9/2021
I know its been two years since you've updated and you're prolly very busy with life and stuff, I hope that's the case and nothing bad has happened but on the off chance that you do read this I need you to know that I need to know what happens at the end, I really truly want Alice to get a happy ending with her savage lover even though it is suggested Hassun dies, I have read this incomplete piece thrice now and I can't handle not knowing anymore please just end my misery.
Ps. I love you and your work
ATK chapter 14 . 8/7/2021
Acailleach chapter 14 . 7/20/2021
Definitely Alice :D 3
Guest chapter 42 . 1/13/2021
I am so in love with this book. I switched platforms hoping to find the complete version however it seems it is not yet completed. Please please provide me with a happy ending for hassun and Alice or I might just die !
ATK chapter 36 . 12/31/2020
I came across your story on ao3 and was hooked instantly, I read both lassoed heart and Savage love. Unfortunately, Savage love was not completed there and that made me so extremely sad; I was having a tough time at Uni and your story just lifted me up. I knew I didn't want to not finish this book and so I looked it up and omg was I overjoyed when I found your work here. Thanks for this masterpiece and even though I haven't gotten to the end, and even if I end up hating your ending this has been one of the best works I've read for a while so its enough for me. Thanks a lot for this!
Guest123 chapter 2 . 8/27/2020
Please continue this story I’m so invested :(
Concerned guest chapter 1 . 8/20/2020
Because it's like almost a year we got an update
Concerned guest chapter 1 . 8/20/2020
Is this story discontinued?
jannec chapter 42 . 1/19/2020
I think Alice is bipolar. First she doesn’t want to be parted from Megedagik’s children and begs him to let them live with them- she couldn’t face another loss. Says she couldn’t face losing any more children, still sees little William’s skull crushed but can just leave a child she gave birth to, and his little face doesn’t haunt her? Leaves all them out of duty to Lawrence? Who she has not seen in two years? I always thought Sarah was the dumb one. Alice is just an uptight narrow minded Puritan hag. And Magedagik keeps taking her back, she forgives him then takes it back repeatedly. She is outraged and then forgives over and over again. She needs to take some responsibility for HER actions!
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