Reviews for Savage Love
dipsydoodle1 chapter 41 . 4/14/2019
Big sigh of relief! Finally they are reunited! Now to work out all the messy little repercussions of her time away. I hope she is honest and tells him her feelings. Bummed that she's pregnant. Great chapter.
Guest chapter 40 . 4/12/2019
Noooo they met and didn't realize it! I am hoping Megedagik will be there to save Alice. I just want to see Alice reunited with her kids.
Guest chapter 40 . 4/9/2019
Ahhhhhhhh! Their gonna meet! Hopefully :) Thank you so much author!
REGRETABLE chapter 40 . 4/9/2019
I literally clocked out for lunch just to read this - I was so excited! Great update, disappointed they didn't realize they were together, but looking forward to the next update! :)
dipsydoodle1 chapter 40 . 4/8/2019
Noooo! That was just mean! Lol I want them together again so bad! Dying for the next chapter.
Guest chapter 34 . 3/1/2019
I just wanted to say i have been binge reading this this week. I LOVED Lassoed Hearts and i love this story as well! My only hope js that you give it a happy ending and Alice stays and Lawrence doesn't get her that terrible of me? Besides some small spelling errors throughout the chapters i have had no quarells with your writing thank you for creating such drawing stories!
strawberiies chapter 14 . 3/1/2019
I know you asked this question a while ago, but I just wanted to say that I surprisely prefer Alice.

At first I thought I would like Sarah more, as I can relate to her a bit as a younger, childless woman, but Alice has such a quiet strength and calmness that really resonates with me. I love reading her moments with Ahote.
Guest chapter 39 . 2/19/2019
Wow in this version I can really feel the tension. I hate Lawrence even more now. Alice isn't the same person anymore, he can't expect everything to go back to the way it was. Poor Alice, I hope she finds a way out.
Mezosurfer chapter 39 . 2/15/2019
I'm super sad that Alice is still with her horrible husband; however, I understand why you changed the chapter. Please update soon!
Guest chapter 39 . 2/15/2019
Oh. My. God. I'm drowning in my tears. Am I a horrid person if I REALLY want Laurence to die? And Hassun, steal Alice away. Now! If you don't, so help me God. Seriously, do it. Thank you author for this disgustingly perfect story that's ripping my throbbing heart out.

Guest chapter 38 . 2/13/2019
Can anyone else not find Chapter 39?
xxWonderwallxx chapter 38 . 2/10/2019
Ahhhhhhhh! Howcome it says updated but I cant acess ch39? IM DYIIINNGGGG HEREEEEE
Guest chapter 39 . 2/8/2019
This is the HAPPIEST day of my life! Thank you.
Guest chapter 39 . 2/8/2019
What a great chapter! I'm so glad Alice and Hassun are back together again, she chose him! Though I'm a little worried about Mansi and Ahote's reactions to Alice when she goes back.
LiveLoveRead95 chapter 39 . 2/8/2019
YES! This chapter made me so happy. Thank you so much for the new chapter, I absolutely love this story!
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