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Casey Tyler chapter 23 . 2/19
Such a nice ending! The vigil around Lizzy's bed was so sweet and I liked the different interactions between the team members. The conversation between Gunk and Abigail was so adorable and the part with Suzy and Thomas was really good and so touching. And I liked the team (especially Kon) finally opening up a bit more to Kaleb and trying to make him feel included.

"That's my speech. Sorry if it didn't meet the word limit."
"You don't need a way with words to be a Crusader. Just the conviction to stick to them."
I love those two lines! A nice touch of dry humor followed by a seriously heartwarming moment.

Great story-arc overall. I liked the focus on Lizzy and getting to see more of her past. Mal was awesome too. Definitely not a typical villain, and that's what I enjoyed about her. A nice change of pace. And I look forward to seeing Andrew in action as Elemental. Can't wait to tackle the fifth story: Wavebreaker.
Casey Tyler chapter 22 . 2/19
The interactions between Mal and Lizzy were actually surprisingly sad. Is it weird that I actually understand what Mal was going through? It's tough when your closest friends find other people to hang out with - but trying to kill all those new friends off is more than a slight overreaction. It was such a bittersweet moment at the end, watching Mal finally give in for Lizzy's sake.
Also, Dexter to the rescue! Yay! He came in surprisingly handy. Also, it's nice to know that Lizzy learned a lesson from the last time she gave life to something that really shouldn't be alive and then turned it loose on her friends. It's too bad Dexter can't talk, but that scene with Kaleb trying to interpret was so entertaining. It's a good thing they're not allowed to talk about their superhero lives to outsiders, because I don't anyone would believe them when they try to describe what a "typical" day with the Crusaders is like.
I really liked the Kaleb vs. turrets scene as well. Also, running up that elevator; if I had super-speed, I think that'd be one of the first things I'd try.
Casey Tyler chapter 21 . 2/19
"Or we just kill everything else, I guess." Yep, that's always a safe bet, Kon. XD I just love that line so much, the perfect way to end the chapter.
Suzy and Lizzy have such a great sisterly friendship. I love how quickly Lizzy was able to figure out what Suzy's real intentions were. And her ideas on how to integrate Mal into the Castle's systems to help them actually sounded like a cool idea... until it all backfired massively.
I REALLY like Andrew's new superhero name. (And I loved Kon's reason for picking that name XD) And Kaleb's new name is also pretty cool. Trailblazer definitely fits his powers and his personality.
But, wow, that Battle Royale program sounds intense! It also seems a bit unfair of Mal to make them face their worst enemies/nemesis's - even in simulated form.
Casey Tyler chapter 20 . 2/19
Aw, Kon is the most supportive boyfriend! :)
But, regarding Mal, I'm definitely predicting a horrible disaster. Maybe it has something to do with her name, it keeps making think of words like malicious, malevolent, not to mention malware... Or maybe I've just read too many sci-fi stories and now I'm automatically wary of any intelligent programming. XD
Casey Tyler chapter 19 . 2/19
Wow, Lizzy's parents sound like my dad. I can fully understand now why she didn't want to get reacquainted with them.

(And, oh no, Lizzy has a computer program friend. I have a bad feeling about this...)
Casey Tyler chapter 18 . 12/7/2017
And that concludes another story arc. This one was so amazing! :) Easily one of my favorites so far.
I love the whole scene between Andrew and his dad. That was just sweet. And getting a happier, more optimistic Andrew again... YES! And I love that last line of Andrew's to Kon. Just such a great way to sum up everything that happened.
And we're going to get to meet Lizzy's parents. Well, that should be... interesting? Having not had the best relationship with my own father, I predict quite a bit of awkwardness and uncomfortableness. But, seriously, you got my hopes up when Kon asked about meeting Lizzy's parents. Shouldn't mess with my shippy feelings that way XD
Can't express enough how much I enjoy the interactions between Abigail and Kaleb. It's like a thunderstorm and a sunny day deciding to hang out together. Or a marshmallow and a flame. And I LOVE it! Should've known that if anyone could break through Kaleb's tough exterior, it would be Abigail. She's so perfect. :)
Casey Tyler chapter 17 . 12/7/2017
Okay, this is probably one of my favorite 'hero vs villain' confrontations ever! I absolutely loved Andrew's speech about understanding and uniting the virtues of the five disciplines. Also, ANDREW HAS AWESOME NEW POWERS! I'm really hoping the grandmasters will let him keep those new abilities, because they are so cool!
And we have the return of this season's arch-nemesis. I'm extremely curious about Darkstar and can't wait to learn more about him.
Casey Tyler chapter 16 . 12/7/2017
Oh, yes! Yes! YES! Psychic showdown! THANK YOU!

Also, that entire scene with Thomas and Andrew talking to the grandmasters was perfect. Andrew trying to be respectful and serious and then Thomas is just like "I couldn't be less impressed with you people" XD. I think one of the only other times we really get to see Thomas and Andrew interact in a non-confrontational, taking-on-the-bad-guys kinda way was when they went to talk to Alderman about the DSA's lies... at least, I think so, right? Anyway, my point is that it was awesome then and it's just as awesome now. As much as I wouldn't normally picture these two having a good dynamic together, they just play off each other so well.
Oh, and Gunk acting as counselor for Andrew was so sweet and wonderful. I like the character development Gunk's been getting throughout these stories as well.
Casey Tyler chapter 15 . 12/7/2017
Okay, first, I really need to comment on Thomas throwing that word "Friends" at Fang. I grinned so hard at that because it really is something to have Thomas use a word like that (unironically) and when referring to a character that he used to argue with all the time during the early days of the team. I just have no words for how much I enjoyed that. (In case I never mentioned this before, character development is EVERYTHING to me when enjoying a story - whether in a book or in a movie/tv show.) Also, that was an epic fight between Thomas and the bad guy. Your fight scenes are always so engaging and entertaining... and painful! Ouch! They're all going to be dealing with some nasty bruising after this.
Casey Tyler chapter 14 . 12/7/2017
Definitely enjoying this one so far. Getting a better look at Andrew's past and upbringing is something which I've been looking forward to ever since "The Redgrave Line." Also, wow, that villain introduction was awesome! I've always been intrigued by the concept of mental powers like telekinesis, pyrokinesis, etc. so a villain with multiple forms of mental powers is really cool!
Casey Tyler chapter 11 . 8/4/2017
Okay, that was a pretty epic superhero battle! But now I'm dying of curiosity regarding Darkstar. He knows WAY too much about the team. Their names... their personalities... etc. Now I really can't wait to learn more about him. Also, nice job bringing in a villain who is even scarier than the Crusaders' first year of badguys. On a side note, I liked the video game scene between Kaleb and Uni. (Like Uni, I also tend to choose the "boring" video game characters over the kill-crazy assassins.) Anyway, hopefully I'll get a chance to finish the Family Crises arc before falling asleep here. If not, I'll send that review tomorrow morning.
Casey Tyler chapter 10 . 8/4/2017
(Sorry, another short review...)

Wow! That was amazing! I was so caught up in what was happening with Kon that for a while there I really thought you were going to kill off the other two. And, wow, Andrew's offer to sacrifice himself for Aya was really touching. Not entirely surprising, given that it fits Andrew's personality so well, but definitely moving. And I almost cried when Kon said he couldn't be the one to kill Andrew. I know I've said it before, but I love Kon and Andrew's friendship; they're more like brothers than friends and I just love how close they've become since first meeting. As far as Darkstar, well I guess I should reserve judgement until I've seen more of him (which I will as soon as I read the next chapter) but he seems very interesting so far. I'm definitely curious to know more about him.
Casey Tyler chapter 9 . 8/4/2017
(Sorry, this is going to be a shorter review than usual. I'll explain in PM.)

Awesome, chapter! I love the whole conspiracy/mystery stuff going on. It's a really cool change of pace for the characters and its great seeing them go into "detective mode" for this one. I have to admit I really didn't expect it to be Glorien (assuming their guess is correct, that is) behind the whole thing. Considering how hard it was to beat him in the past, the poor Crusaders are in for some trouble if he's really out of prison. I enjoyed that sibling scene between Kon and Aya. And I couldn't help laughing at her threat to date Andrew XD. And of course that amazing cliffhanger of an ending! I'm going to jump to the next chapter now to see what happens next. Bye for now!
SnarkyScribe chapter 13 . 7/29/2017
SnarkyScribe chapter 10 . 6/27/2017
Bloody hell; I had no idea more chapters were up...
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