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Casey Tyler chapter 51 . 1/29
Oh wow. Just... I don't even know where to begin. This scene between James and Kaleb has to be one of my favorite pieces of writing ever. I was tearing up so bad at the end. And that hug completely killed me. If I could, I'd reach through my screen and give Kaleb a hug as well. I have no idea how (or if) they're all going to get out of this mess. I just feel so bad for all of them right now. Ugh, I wasn't expecting to feel this emotional after reading a superhero story; your ability to bring characters to life and make them so relatable and likeable will never cease to amaze me.
Casey Tyler chapter 50 . 1/29
Wow. That fight scene was so good! I think it added to the tension that GW isn't really a bad guy. I mean, from his perspective, he's trying to stop criminals who have already (at least in his opinion) caused a lot of destruction. It doesn't make me root for him, of course, but it certainly makes it impossible for me to hate him. I wanted Thomas to win, but also didn't want him to hurt GW too bad. So, yeah, that fight scene was so intense to read. And that ending! I'd promised myself I would only take a long enough break from work to read one chapter, and now it's gonna have to be three, because I can't stop after that cliff-hanger without knowing what happens next.
Casey Tyler chapter 49 . 1/29
Wow, that was an intense confrontation between Kon and Darkstar. Still, the fact that it's two separate timelines they're working with should boost the Crusaders chances of turning this around. Hopefully. Also, that little conversation between Andrew and Kon made me so happy. (And not just because of the idea of my favorite Crusaders ship having offspring; although, yes, that's a huge plus. My main reason though is that I still really enjoy all the little friendship moments between those two; makes me nostalgic for the early days of their relationship.) And that's quite a cliff-hangar to leave the chapter on! I was wondering if the DSA would be sending their own heroes into the mix; this should be an interesting fight.
Casey Tyler chapter 48 . 1/23
(I've finally managed to get logged back into my account! Yay!)
I'm working on getting caught up on this story and wanted to drop a review before I stop reading for the night. I have to say, this story arc is mind-blowing so far. Don't want to drop any specific spoilers, just in case someone reads the reviews before reading the story, but that plot twist regarding Darkstar is one that I definitely didn't see coming! I actually had a similar theory, but with a totally different character in mind.
Also, it's funny how much Kaleb has grown on me since he was first introduced. I feel so bad for him during this arc, I hope James and Thomas are able to help him. (Personally, I would've sent Abigail with them, since she was closer to him than the others.) Anyway, gotta log off now, but I'll try to get to the rest of this story-arc over the weekend.
(And I'll try to send a PM as well, it's been forever since we've chatted and I've really missed talking to you!)
Take care! :)
Casey Tyler chapter 42 . 12/10/2018
Well, this story-arc has certainly grabbed my attention. Norris is coming back?! And Gunk can shapeshift now?! I'm guessing this will be a very Gunk-centric story, - which I'm obviously 100 percent on board with :D
Casey Tyler chapter 38 . 9/22/2018
I LOVE the spooky/horror atmosphere in this chapter! Also the fight between Kaleb and Abigail was great, I felt so bad for Kaleb being forced into that situation where he had to hurt someone he cared about.

On a side note, I remember mentioning how I wasn't too fond of Kaleb when he was first introduced, but that opinion has certainly changed. I really like how he has that snarky, obnoxious personality on the surface and then underneath he's actually a pretty caring and sensitive person. I'm honestly surprised how much his character has grown on me since his introduction.
Casey Tyler chapter 36 . 9/22/2018
Nice wrap-up to a great story-arc. The battles were well written and the overall story engaging. The stand out thing about this arc, though, is probably the conversations between the different characters. The dialogue flowed so well, everyone felt in-character, and the majority of the discussions brought up interesting things about each of the characters. Also, that last scene with Darkstar has me very curious about Kaleb and what role he's going to play in all of this.
Casey Tyler chapter 32 . 9/21/2018
Hey, guess who's back? :)

Just wanted to comment real quick on that last conversation between Kon and Kaleb because it's actually sorta ironic timing. I was just having a similar discussion yesterday with a fellow sci-fi geek on whether or not superheroes are justified in killing villains. I like how you handled it in this chapter, showing some good arguments for both sides. Also, it re-emphasizes how varied the Crusaders are as a team; they don't always share the same viewpoints on things like this.

Anyway, great chapter. I'm off to read the next one now. Have a great day!
Casey Tyler chapter 23 . 2/19/2018
Such a nice ending! The vigil around Lizzy's bed was so sweet and I liked the different interactions between the team members. The conversation between Gunk and Abigail was so adorable and the part with Suzy and Thomas was really good and so touching. And I liked the team (especially Kon) finally opening up a bit more to Kaleb and trying to make him feel included.

"That's my speech. Sorry if it didn't meet the word limit."
"You don't need a way with words to be a Crusader. Just the conviction to stick to them."
I love those two lines! A nice touch of dry humor followed by a seriously heartwarming moment.

Great story-arc overall. I liked the focus on Lizzy and getting to see more of her past. Mal was awesome too. Definitely not a typical villain, and that's what I enjoyed about her. A nice change of pace. And I look forward to seeing Andrew in action as Elemental. Can't wait to tackle the fifth story: Wavebreaker.
Casey Tyler chapter 22 . 2/19/2018
The interactions between Mal and Lizzy were actually surprisingly sad. Is it weird that I actually understand what Mal was going through? It's tough when your closest friends find other people to hang out with - but trying to kill all those new friends off is more than a slight overreaction. It was such a bittersweet moment at the end, watching Mal finally give in for Lizzy's sake.
Also, Dexter to the rescue! Yay! He came in surprisingly handy. Also, it's nice to know that Lizzy learned a lesson from the last time she gave life to something that really shouldn't be alive and then turned it loose on her friends. It's too bad Dexter can't talk, but that scene with Kaleb trying to interpret was so entertaining. It's a good thing they're not allowed to talk about their superhero lives to outsiders, because I don't anyone would believe them when they try to describe what a "typical" day with the Crusaders is like.
I really liked the Kaleb vs. turrets scene as well. Also, running up that elevator; if I had super-speed, I think that'd be one of the first things I'd try.
Casey Tyler chapter 21 . 2/19/2018
"Or we just kill everything else, I guess." Yep, that's always a safe bet, Kon. XD I just love that line so much, the perfect way to end the chapter.
Suzy and Lizzy have such a great sisterly friendship. I love how quickly Lizzy was able to figure out what Suzy's real intentions were. And her ideas on how to integrate Mal into the Castle's systems to help them actually sounded like a cool idea... until it all backfired massively.
I REALLY like Andrew's new superhero name. (And I loved Kon's reason for picking that name XD) And Kaleb's new name is also pretty cool. Trailblazer definitely fits his powers and his personality.
But, wow, that Battle Royale program sounds intense! It also seems a bit unfair of Mal to make them face their worst enemies/nemesis's - even in simulated form.
Casey Tyler chapter 20 . 2/19/2018
Aw, Kon is the most supportive boyfriend! :)
But, regarding Mal, I'm definitely predicting a horrible disaster. Maybe it has something to do with her name, it keeps making think of words like malicious, malevolent, not to mention malware... Or maybe I've just read too many sci-fi stories and now I'm automatically wary of any intelligent programming. XD
Casey Tyler chapter 19 . 2/19/2018
Wow, Lizzy's parents sound like my dad. I can fully understand now why she didn't want to get reacquainted with them.

(And, oh no, Lizzy has a computer program friend. I have a bad feeling about this...)
Casey Tyler chapter 18 . 12/7/2017
And that concludes another story arc. This one was so amazing! :) Easily one of my favorites so far.
I love the whole scene between Andrew and his dad. That was just sweet. And getting a happier, more optimistic Andrew again... YES! And I love that last line of Andrew's to Kon. Just such a great way to sum up everything that happened.
And we're going to get to meet Lizzy's parents. Well, that should be... interesting? Having not had the best relationship with my own father, I predict quite a bit of awkwardness and uncomfortableness. But, seriously, you got my hopes up when Kon asked about meeting Lizzy's parents. Shouldn't mess with my shippy feelings that way XD
Can't express enough how much I enjoy the interactions between Abigail and Kaleb. It's like a thunderstorm and a sunny day deciding to hang out together. Or a marshmallow and a flame. And I LOVE it! Should've known that if anyone could break through Kaleb's tough exterior, it would be Abigail. She's so perfect. :)
Casey Tyler chapter 17 . 12/7/2017
Okay, this is probably one of my favorite 'hero vs villain' confrontations ever! I absolutely loved Andrew's speech about understanding and uniting the virtues of the five disciplines. Also, ANDREW HAS AWESOME NEW POWERS! I'm really hoping the grandmasters will let him keep those new abilities, because they are so cool!
And we have the return of this season's arch-nemesis. I'm extremely curious about Darkstar and can't wait to learn more about him.
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