Reviews for Swim Meet
DianyRdz chapter 4 . 12/6/2016
Swim Meet is oddly endearing to me. Very dynamic in the sense that he went from being a hopeful believer of the “maybe there’s a possibility” to disillusion (in himself and realizing) “I can’t believe I’m still stuck on someone from 2 years prior” to “maybe not who I thought I wanted but maybe who I realized I need”. I do understand why Lew still kept his ex’s mom on social media and it’s like he is against himself because he knows he should have unfriended her but part of him is still reluctant hence the whole man against himself conflict that automatically popped into my mind. It would have been different if he still had his mom on social media because he genuinely liked her and was like “darn it, I got along well with them” but that’s not the case here since he did like them but there was an underlying reason behind keeping them on social media (one of the bad things about social media – seeing things you want to see and things you don’t need to see). Maggie seems like a great gal (can’t believe I used that word but gal seems to fit her better) and she seems sweet. Cute little story and I definitely liked reading it this morning. :)