Reviews for Snow Falls
Savannah Singleton chapter 5 . 12/24/2016
Good story. Good ending. I expected Anna to sleep with Timm even before her sister confessed of her affair with Kevin. Wasn't going to be happy about it if it did, but then didn't care once we knew of the affair. Was surprised she left without it happening. That a year took place before it finally did was good. Nothing done out of over-emotions or over-reactions.
Savannah Singleton chapter 1 . 12/19/2016
Nice descriptions of her drive through the countryside. Made a nice visual, felt I was there. Very personal story for me, as my mom passed away a few weeks ago. Also had a rather "estranged" relationship with my sister over the years.

I've been thinking of writing something similar since Mom's passing. Will be interested to continue reading and see where this goes.

Good writing, as always.
DTF chapter 5 . 12/16/2016
I like your writing. I kinda expected the other sister would end up with Tim, which III ne kinda gross lol still like your work!
DianyRdz chapter 5 . 12/13/2016
Did Millie even love Timm? I mean was she married to him because she loved him or just because it was the one thing that she would be able to “one up” her sister on? I mean while it would have made sense Millie marrying Timm (cheerleader and the athlete who end up together) most often than one would think, its not always the “perfect match” - as seen here. What if Millie married Timm just because of Anna? Millie would have come out on top of Anna on something (and taken something she liked) since Anna was the one studying (the smart one). Yet Anna was the one that left and made her life elsewhere, made a name for herself while Millie stayed back and now is back to the same thing of Anna coming out on top again. A circle like this would naturally make anyone bitter.
It was a very tough situation that Millie was put into because if she were to have said something to Timm the repercussions would have been maybe different but if she hadn’t (like she did) Timm could have gotten upset about the fact that Anna knew and didn’t say anything. Not the nicest situation to be involved in. And out of all people, Millie got involved with someone that knew her husband and that in a way, was not that different from him.