Reviews for Snack Shack
DianyRdz chapter 6 . 12/20/2016
Aww, I really did enjoy this story. It was not really cheating per say on Ej and Ally’s part being that well, their actual relationships were far over. The idea of having an affair crossed their mind but nothing was ever acted upon.
I think in most cases, we tend to hold our own selves back from what we know would be happiness (Ej and Ally being together) because we are afraid to give in and throw caution into the wind. We are afraid of trying and we don’t go after what we want because we know we risk losing what we already have and I can imagine it’s not the most pleasant thought to think of. I mean of course Ej or Ally would be apprehensive of the thought to be without not only each other but without their significant others as well – this being the worst-case scenario and thus why neither was willing to take the plunge. But can we blame them? While it is not ideal that marriages end it is something that happens and if your happiness is elsewhere, one should always strive to find that happiness.