Reviews for Parallel Universe, But Hits Reality
howling blood chapter 16 . 6/25
howlin blood here. God it looks like that it's an establish fact by now that Agent Ace is the headmaster of everything that is naughty and Rita way down the hierarchy as it was highlighted by the simple dialogue: "Correction. Your totally an underling of mine."

Richard lives up to his tag of super cool and chill guy. I thought Richard like his son Chad would blush at the question "How good are you in bed again?" He remained cool and calm even after Agent Ace was performing ahmm ahmmm rated r fan service. Richards totally acts cool like Yu Narukami.

Kidnap someone? Seriously guys I'm starting suspect you guys are bad as Brutal Briton was.
Amethyst Blackquill chapter 16 . 6/21
*Gasp* You call me a piece of shit? How dare you. I'm not reviewing.

Nah, just kidding. Considering the part where I acted out earlier, I'm anxious to see how it'll look in written form.

Question #1: HA HA! No money for Rita!

Question #2: Well then... I guess that's less teammates for me in Heroes of the Storm.

Question #3: Cross those legs! Cross them! Cross them good!

Question #4: Well played...

Question #5: I seriously wonder exactly how Ace feels regarding all these similarities.

Question #6: Who was the one who said eroge? Ace?

Question #7: Nobody can beat the master of sex. Sorry, Rita!

Question #8: Wow. I seriously wonder if Ace is usually the top in bed.
howling blood chapter 15 . 6/19
Chapter 14
Nice one Agent Ace you actually reframed my question of the spoiling of Chad as Chad not walking the STRAIGHT PATH cough cough. It even scared the crap out of Rita. Looks like Mama Kaplan is still the master in the art of trolling; Rita you still have much to learn.

Man Oh Man I didn't thought Richard would thought so highly of Brutal Briton interesting. So he really is the Chill dood.

Academic Research huh? So Rita is doing PHD on Porn literature? Man I didn't thought of her as intellectual type though. That makes me love her even more. I love girl who intellectual and crazy at the same time.

Hey Rita I really loved your shirt "I LOVE PORN. I'm NO HOE." I love it so much that one I day will secretly smuggle that shirt out of your wardrobe and back to my place as a trophy. No misee I'm not a stalker like you. I'm just an avid collector :P

Dam it Rita why do you play such hard to get. I'm not a flower giving and asking out to the dance sort of guy. Sorry Agent Ace I an definitely not worthy of your daughter. But that won't stop me from making her mine ha. You have been warned Mamma Kaplan

On Chapter 15 it was kind of dark. I don't know. I might not have read the previous story "Everything Boring Life" and Jaypee Kaplan might have been one heck of a byotch. But I still feel sorry for her. Evil or not she genuinely loved her brother. I really do think Chad went over board on beating the crap out of her...Man that was definitely sad.

On Athena Phoenix I initially thought she was inspired from Athena Cykes. But the key word "long strand of VIOLET HAIR" hmmmm it kinda reminds me of Athena Asamiya of King of Fighters. Except the difference is that this one is a ninja instead of Pop Idol like yours truly Athena Asmiya and Yoshiko. This was howlin blood speaking over and out
Amethyst Blackquill chapter 15 . 6/17
Wow. For some reason, this gave me feels even though this was supposed to be a crack. I had a difficult time trying to decide how to respond to this because's crack.

Well, hopefully this gives Chad wonderful amounts of closure.

So this was the piece of the puzzle that was missing. Wow. At least I came close. I was actually picturing this from the other way around.

Well then, I wonder how this'll have an impact on the current timeline?
Amethyst Blackquill chapter 14 . 6/17
Aaaaaaaaaaaand the bantering continues! It looks to me that those two really need to just cut it out and have some fun!

Burning those 50 shades of gray copies with kerosene gasoline. Holy shit, I would love to see a video of that. Oh yeah and Rita sure is awesome. ...See how I didn't put any quotation marks there? Eh? XD


Yeah. Like, the "voice" was trying to tell Sylvester and Amethyst in their own subliminal way that they're free from the chains that bind them to the Ace Attorney universe. Now they are free to become something more. I'm happy for them, honestly.

Oh boy. I don't feel good for Rita. I think she may have an effect where she makes men's erections go away and tuck back into the ballsack.

Rita ain't gonna take the bait.
howling blood chapter 13 . 6/16
This is a review for chappie 12 and 13. Okay let's do this.

Jaypee, Rita Shinigami, timelines and Everything Boring Life. So all these explanation are offered to new people who are reading this crack fiction right which includes me by the way. So I guess the Rabbit hole is lot deeper than initially I anticipated. I gotta love the rock music reference cum joke "My Dirty Little Secret with Athena Phoenix." Dam it yo I loved that song from All American Rejects. That joke was inserted in a very clever.

It seems the plot thickens as Chad is starting to remember his past life in previous time lines. Is that even scientifically possible? Maybe in Blazblue it is lol.

But I do remember recalling that you telling me that Chad would transform into serious character and then...maybe I would spoil the entire story. So I should stop here.

Okay question time. Danny'O tell me one thing. Why do you hate lovely Honoka so much? I mean I did some google on her and she turned out be sweet and earnest girl; somewhat similar to Noel or more accurately...Let me take a deep breath...Okay I hope the fanboys don't kill me for this...more accurately Athena Cykes...No Siree I'm not trying to troll here. Believe me I'm a nice guy.
howling blood chapter 11 . 6/16
This is the review of both of chapter 10 and 11.
So let's get going. The parents of both Rita and Chad are...Drum Rolls please The Original Chad Kaplan and Agent Ace.

Poor Chad is victimized by both road trip crazy sista(At least now we know why she is called Rita Ryder huh) and his 4th wall breaking motha("Can't the the first original character join in the fun)". At least he got emotional support from daddy cool at least.

Mork? Huh is that suppose to be a reference of Happy Days? My Uncle used to love that show. He made watch that Show. It had Fonzi and Richie in it mate. It had such a catchy tune. Wow gotta hand it to you that was very clever pop culture reference right there. I'm mean literally fall off of my seat when I saw the name of Mork the alien.

OMG fanboy moment right AlphaOmegaSin is being referred on this crack fic. I'm literally having nosebleed similar to Elphelt Valentine here. I didn't know that guy was so much popular. I mean of course I adore him because he is big time Sega Fanboy and especially well versed in Shenmue Universe.

To Richard Kaplan "What in the world happened to pop song?" You have my sympathy. Yup Pop Song suck as. Even sucking as would be better option than listen to Hores like Rhinana, Lady Gaga, Katty Perry and the biggest hue JUSTIN EFFING BIEBERS. Don't worry Richard Rock songs are still a big deal in a tiny evil island nation called evil music please... United Kingdom. Hence bands like Cold play and Kings of Leon are such big deal nowadays thanks to UK.

Chad Kaplan can quite funny in his own way when he replies to his father: "It's fine...I have accepted my role as such." Okay my review is done.

Okay question time. To Rita Ryder: "Why were you semi-naked in the last chappie? I mean you must have looked nice and feminine but if that was some kind of distraction method on Brutal Briton then it CLEARLY didn't worked. The guy must have seen so many hot chic during his short life span(which you were directly responsible for) that he must thought of you as plain old, regular cow. No that is not what I think. I think your super pretty and hot. It is just Brutal Briton think of you as fat and worthless cow. Trust me I know that guy well. This is no way me attempting backhanded compliment. I'm a nice guy trust me. In fact I wanna ask out like a man. BECOME MINE! Okay you faint now after reading Rita haw haw.

To Chad Kaplan. How should we distinguish bw you and your dad? Both of you have same name literally. Are your Chad Kaplan The Third or Chad Kaplan Junior? Please don't say it's neither. It has to be one of them dam it. If you had a grand father and he is Chad Kaplan Senior. Does this mean you and your Dad are Chad Kaplan Junior?
howling blood chapter 9 . 6/16
howlin blood here. I'm pretty flattered that the writer actually considered my idea on this crack fiction. So thank you. Thank you very much. Quite honestly even I'm surprised about Brutal Briton appearing here. I thought this idea itself was as old as 2016. Dam Danny'O You got memory I give you that.

On the story it delivered like everything it promised. Chad turning into a REAL MAN. Hope his dad is proud. Hi Mr. Kaplan sorry about spoiling your precious son.

This story was funny in crack-ish scientific manner. I actually had to google to realize that bucket of carbon dioxide is effective against fire(Though I'm still trying figure how I would collect an effing Co2 in a gud dam bucket). Fire extinguisher is composed of CO2. Bucket of carbon dioxide it was quite witty. Those word play like Deserted Desert it really set the mood from the get go. Rario I kinda get that. It is definitely Wario reference not Mario people. Rita always sides with the bad guy. But hey I don't mind since I'm dedicated Sonic Fanboy and most importantly evil worshiper myself.

Dam! Is Rita a shot gun in this. Christopher Redfield are you one who gave this not so innocent girl a shot gun. Man what is wrong with you. I'm gonna tell Claire how much irresponsible adult you are grrrrr.

Man it would have been cool it there entire chapter dedicated to Chad harassing all those wimmin his eyes could see, stealing every drink in the bar he enters, the bank robbery and smoking all kinds kinds exotic of weed. Well it would make crack fiction on steroid.

Ah well it so sweet and nice that Rita and Chad parents are in this story as well even though it's a cameo. Pssst I know who they are. I just want it spoil it to Amethyst Blackquill. Otherwise Rita would not be the only one who would be coming after my Balzac(it's a pronounced as ball sack. A reference to one of Help Me Dr. Hazama Video).
Amethyst Blackquill chapter 13 . 6/15
Dude...what the fuck? I don't even know what the hell's even happening here. What is this?

Is Chad going to hell? Are you sure this doesn't reflect real life? Because it like seems so real, at least to me.

That comment chain was fucking hilarious, I swear. The more I read this crack, the more I lose brain cells, not that I needed them. But yeah, I think that person and I should be doing more goofy stuff like that to keep this crack fresh. XD

I can't find much to say about the drama because a lot of it left me speechless for varying reasons. Holy shit. XD

Anyway... I love this! Keep going!
Amethyst Blackquill chapter 12 . 6/15
Oh boy. Our first real drama within this series...if we can even call it that. To certain people, it may reopen old wounds that were finally starting to heal, but as long as they're not adversely affected, I'm sure it'll be okay.

I have some interesting questions coming up that may tie certain characters to Sylvester and Amethyst. Hopefully those get answered, soon.

So it seems Rita took the forefront of this chapter. Okay, so that makes Ace first and now Rita as my favorite characters from this bunch. I know, I'm sexist. Not.

Question #1: Rita thinks of Amethyst as her best friend? NOW she's looking like a perfect fit for my story!

Question #2: I actually said that question in a robotic voice. XD

Question #3: I have an interesting follow-up to that question in mind. I'll do it, soon. XD

I really need to see if Chad gets some closure. As far as I'm concerned, only Ace and Rita seem to have a lot of depth to them. I swear to God, our OCs can be BFFs or something. I really can sense it.
Amethyst Blackquill chapter 11 . 6/13
Seeing this ending really scared me. I really wonder what the next chapter will have, regardless of what questions I asked. Oh and I remember these. Yeah, I was really excited to see how your OCs would react to my own. XD

I don't know if this makes me crazy but...somehow I think Rita would be a nice fit in my story's universe. I dunno. I sound crazy, I sure feel the part.

Question #1: There's no reason to ever listen to radio anymore. It's just garbage nowadays. And from my experience, each song repeats after about 2 hours or so.

Question #2: ...I really should continue Prison Pal. Fuck me.

Question #3: The women of this family is VERY eccentric, I can see. Holy hell. XD

Question #4: I'm really looking forward to having my OCs ask more questions to them. I promise to have them ask more fun questions in the future.

Question #5: Same as question #4.

Question #6: I don't remember asking that question. Maybe it was someone else. Regardless, it seems as though it struck a nerve. Especially with the ending.
Amethyst Blackquill chapter 10 . 6/12

Uh, one thing you might want to do is check the past chapters to see if you have any repeats. Because like, there were two repeats of questions here. But on the bright side, this revelation might play into the next chapter of this. How's that for an idea. You can even blame it on how glitchy the system is on Tumblr.

Ah well. Now that Chad and Ace are here, this opens up the door for me to spam more questions. LOL
Amethyst Blackquill chapter 9 . 6/12
Hello, missile command. I have to report that I am 100% absent from having a brain as a result of reading this fic. But I am also pleased to report that this fic is active once again.

...What do you mean it's gonna be a long time till the next chapter!? Fuck!
howling blood chapter 8 . 2/3
Ok here is my question to Rita Ryder. I don't really think it is actually question. But here I go.
I don't believe you; when you said that you hated 5o $hade$ of Grey. You know why? Because mentioned a weird fact that it is actually a TRILOGY; which 90 % human being are ignorant of this fact. Only a true (closeted in your case) fan of "5o $hades of grey" know about that.

By the way I googled to check up on bible black. You know what the funny thing was? It's plot was awfully similar to 5o $hade$ of grey; but with witches. But I know what your answer would be. You would fake your hate towards your amour(it means secret love).

Chad you mother hugger. For God Sake Stand up to Rita for once in your life. She even used you as a hammer; this could be worst humiliation any guy could face in his or her life. I don't know why you let her roll over you? Am I missing something here CHAD? Or maybe you are trying emulate Martin Luther Specialty of Passive Resistance. It's time you discard Martin Luther philosophy and go straight for Willam Wallace School of Ass kickin. Be man CHAD. Be a true Scotman.
Amethyst Blackquill chapter 8 . 2/1
Hey! Good to see that Howlin Blood is reviewing again. Keep it up and hey, if you're reading this, try and contribute questions of your own, will ya? XD

As for the answers...well, the answers were pretty short for my personal taste but I understand you're trying to keep a limit here. Ah well. I anticipate a new stranger coming into the room, soon because of a certain question that I submitted. I wonder what'll be the result.

Oh, and last thing: I noticed that there's this running gag where one question gets on Chad's good side and then there's a question that makes him lose it right after. I swear I did not plan this out.
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