Reviews for Parallel Universe, But Hits Reality
howling blood chapter 8 . 2/3
Ok here is my question to Rita Ryder. I don't really think it is actually question. But here I go.
I don't believe you; when you said that you hated 5o $hade$ of Grey. You know why? Because mentioned a weird fact that it is actually a TRILOGY; which 90 % human being are ignorant of this fact. Only a true (closeted in your case) fan of "5o $hades of grey" know about that.

By the way I googled to check up on bible black. You know what the funny thing was? It's plot was awfully similar to 5o $hade$ of grey; but with witches. But I know what your answer would be. You would fake your hate towards your amour(it means secret love).

Chad you mother hugger. For God Sake Stand up to Rita for once in your life. She even used you as a hammer; this could be worst humiliation any guy could face in his or her life. I don't know why you let her roll over you? Am I missing something here CHAD? Or maybe you are trying emulate Martin Luther Specialty of Passive Resistance. It's time you discard Martin Luther philosophy and go straight for Willam Wallace School of Ass kickin. Be man CHAD. Be a true Scotman.
Amethyst Blackquill chapter 8 . 2/1
Hey! Good to see that Howlin Blood is reviewing again. Keep it up and hey, if you're reading this, try and contribute questions of your own, will ya? XD

As for the answers...well, the answers were pretty short for my personal taste but I understand you're trying to keep a limit here. Ah well. I anticipate a new stranger coming into the room, soon because of a certain question that I submitted. I wonder what'll be the result.

Oh, and last thing: I noticed that there's this running gag where one question gets on Chad's good side and then there's a question that makes him lose it right after. I swear I did not plan this out.
howlin blood chapter 7 . 1/29
Okay chapter 6 had fuzzy feeling to it. Sending Chad to retrieve the little girl was better decision coz I had bad feeling if one of danny or rita did it; sorry danny for me you got a bad reputation. If they were asked to babysit amethyst something bad would happen or they would be a bad influence on her; especially rita who could have hurt the little girl just for a little laugh. Chad is such a gentleman.

You know I actually played the Card Against Humanity game. It is worst game of all time; for guy like me a douche always picked on a topic regarding religion. Not a game I would recommend if you are serious individual, that same douche tried his best to make lose my calm so he could impress the girls; but I never game him that satisfaction. I had feeling it would be danny who crying; coz rita is too evil. Even if Rita is on the receiving end of things. She would find that thing entertaining. If I would guess what kind of novel Rita reads it would 5o $hade$ 0f Grey. She loves torture just like tortures Chad.

God the commercial in chapter 7 was really entertaining. I thought it was rated m when scrolled up my screen it turned out to be Rated T. So one can curse in Rated T huh. Anyways it keep up the good work. Tell chad I sincerely apologized for calling him a nun. Until then Ciaossu.
Amethyst Blackquill chapter 7 . 1/26
Welp, just when I was getting on Chad's good side, I pissed him off again. Ah well. Can't win them all!

This is one of the shortest chapters, I've noticed, that's for sure. Although, I hope the answers will become interesting in the future with the questions I've had in mind.
Amethyst Blackquill chapter 6 . 1/9
This was, by far, the most entertaining chapter yet. This is also the most enlightening. I felt a whole new slew of ideas for Amethyst come from this fic.

Also, it was great seeing Chad dictate the pace when it came to the question. Ha, ha.

The best chapter so far. And not just because Amethyst was in it. I believe that you can have more characters in it as time goes on. And who knows? Maybe this crack will turn into an actual story in the future? Hehehehehehehehehe.
howlin blood chapter 5 . 1/8
Okay in all honesty in first I had no clue what the heck was going on. So I was bit hard to read. But the second and the subsequent chapters set the tone and from there on in; it became an easy ride.

Reading your fic, I can't help but draw parallel with Tekken fanfic done dunkingman. In which various female characters of Tekken answer some rated r comedy question on their email ids. So In short you story felt just like home.

I have to say my favourite character is Chad and Rita; becoz of their dynamics make the story funnier. I espcially like Chad becoz he is funny by just being a male nun. All those questions regarding special kind of love and how he get flustered, loses his conscious and all and how he get ripped by Rita every other time. This is what USP of the entire story is. Anyways untill then Excelsior.
Amethyst Blackquill chapter 5 . 1/5
Oh noes! You have product placement! You're selling out! Trolololololol! Love the stats chat. Or the chat about stats. Or the statistically surprising stats.

Anyway, just four questions this time? Aw, man. I gotta keep maintaining the ammunition. I gotta say, that scene with Chad and Rita was brief as it was.

Amethyst Blackquill chapter 4 . 1/3
Yay! I finally made it onto here!

Ah, this Kimmo person better watch out! Chad is onto them! Also, I enjoy seeing the answer to Sun and Moon. I approve! All these random questions are so entertaining to see and seeing the reactions as well. XD

Keep these coming! I love it!

Also, keep eating them salty tears for breakfast.
Kimmo chapter 3 . 12/29/2016
Yes. Hee-hee. I'm happy about these frequent updates. I'm gonna keep those questions coming! I especially like the boss-worker relationship one. And Chad really can't stand that porn, can he?
Kimmo chapter 2 . 12/28/2016
Wow. All these questions and I'm seeing better answers than before. I'll be sure to keep submitting them en masse.

Anything to see more crack. XD
Kimmo chapter 1 . 12/27/2016
YAY! IT'S BACK! I'm gonna be asking a whole hell of a lot more questions! Can't wait to see more!