Reviews for A Prince-less Cinderella
Woedin chapter 1 . 4/1/2017
It's perhaps true that no beautifully talented, or poetic maiden is likely to be rescued by a fairy tail prince in this sad gray world we live in now. Although if a patient, and discerning young lady were instead seeking what could be, in a sad gray world we live in. A true friend, a trusted counsel, a thoughtful partner, and a selfless companion. At which point you, and he might be very close to finding with fortune your loving soulmate in each other. You might yet find your prince, and he his princess, in the same order. If it's someone you love, and they love you as deeply, you are here by granted this absolute mystical power of love. The authority to gift the lowliest suitor in all the world, the loftiest title you wish. And might yet yourself after everything, be surprised at how regal your loves title is for you in their eyes. Anything is possible with heartfelt L.O.V.E. my friend. _